‘Mafia Mamma’ Release Date: Trailer, Cast, and More

The popularity of films about the mob has led to a proliferation of parodies of this type. These movies and shows often offer a fresh perspective on the criminal underworld. A new Bleecker Street black comedy, Mafia Mamma, mocks the criminal lifestyle. The following is all the information we at tvacute.com have so far gathered about the newest mafia comedy, Mafia Mamma, including but not limited to its cast, plot, and trailer.

Mob Mamas Release Date

Mafia Mamma Release Date

Although Bleecker Street hasn’t officially announced it, the film is rumoured to have its premiere on . Whenever April 14, 2023 ,2023 rolls around is presumably when we’ll see the first appearance of Mafia Mamma. At this time, there are no foreseeable plans for online streaming or video-on-demand. Mafia Mamma will be showing in theatres, according to the trailer.

Mafia Mamma Trailer 

Bleecker Street has released the official Mafia Mamma trailer. An American woman travels to Rome to attend the burial of her long-lost grandfather, an Italian criminal.

There, she learns that carrying on her grandfather’s illegal company was his dying wish. This causes rapid shifts in her circumstances, as well as a constant stream of assassination attempts. At the end of the trailer, a title card for Mafia Mamma appears that resembles the logo for The Godfather (1972).

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What Is The Plot of Mafia Mama?

Toni Collette plays a lonely suburbanite who stumbles into the criminal world in Catherine Hardwick’s Mafia Mamma. Collette’s character, who has never been to Europe and bases most of her knowledge of the mafia on the aforementioned television shows and films, travels to rural Italy to take over as head of one of the country’s most feared crime families. If she wants to become the “Mafia Mamma” her classmates envision, she’ll have to pick up the ropes quickly.

Mob Mamas Release Date

Official synopsis of Mafia Mamma follows. Inheriting her Mafia-controlled grandfather’s empire, a suburban American woman (played by Melissa McCarthy) defies everyone’s expectations—including her own—as the new head of the family business with the help of the Firm’s trusted consigliere.

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Who’s In Mafia Mama Cast?

Toni Collette, one of the most outstanding actors of our time, has been nominated for an Oscar Award. She is able to imitate the American accent flawlessly, despite being born in Australia. She can do anything from satirical comedies like Knives Out to psychological thrillers like Hereditary (2018).

Mob Mamas Release Date

With Collette, the renowned Monica Bellucci, a global celebrity who has been in the centre of two Matrix films and Spectre, will be present (2015).

Yonv Joseph, Alessandro Bressanello, Francesco Mastroianni, and Bruno Bilotta also star. Other actors include Alfonso Perugini (New York), Giulio Corso (Signora Volpe), Livia De Paolis (The Lost Girls), and Bruno Bilotta (American Assassin) (Dakota).

Who are the Makers of the Mafia Mama Movie?

The films of Catherine Hardwicke have always had a creepy undercurrent. The first Twilight film she worked on launched a successful and financially rewarding franchise for her. And only recently, she contributed to the horror anthology series Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities.

Mob Mamas Release Date

Amanda Sthers (Madame) provided the inspiration for Kevin From Work, while the screenplay was written by J. Michael Feldman and Debbie Jhoon (2015).

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In addition to starring, Toni Collette will also serve as a producer on this film. Producer duties will also be shared by Amanda Sthers. Filmmaker Patrick Murguia (Don’t Look Deeper), editor Waldemar Centeno (Fantasy Island), production designer Livia Borgogoni (La casa del sorriso), and costumer Claudette Lilly (The Last King of Scotland) round out the group (Unthinkably Good Things).


Toni Collette plays a lonely suburban housewife who accidentally finds herself in the criminal world in the Bleecker Street dark comedy Mafia Mamma. Mafia Mama was directed by Toni Collette, Monica Bellucci, Alfonso Perugini, and Catherine Hardwicke.

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