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Weird The Al Yankovic Story Have A Cinematic Release Date : Cast And Plot Details


As you might expect from a project including “Weird Al” Yankovic, the idea is far from clear. Weird: The Al Yankovic Story claims to follow its satirical subject from early boyhood (thus the parents) through his early career (hence the Madonna).


Daniel Radcliffe plays “Weird Al” Yankovic – Madonna is played by Evan Rachel Wood in the film. – Doctor Demento (Rainn Wilson) – Toby Huss is Nick Yankovic, Al’s father, in the film.

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Release Date

Roku is the only way to get your “Weird Al” biopic dose as of now, however, a limited theatrical release may be announced closer to November 4.

It is a forthcoming American biographical musical comedy film starring “Weird Al” Yankovic that is being directed by Eric Appel, who co-wrote the screenplay with Yankovic.

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