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The Ultimate Cowboy Season 3- Everything You Need To Know

The Ultimate Cowboy: Conquering the West

In the bone-chilling heaps of Wyoming, 14 cattle rustlers clash in the first of numerous exhausting difficulties; alongside two master judges, Trace Adkins assesses their exhibitions and concludes which cowpoke will be quick to return home.

Leading the Pack

Thirteen cowpokes endeavor to fight 60 wild ponies, drive them down a misleading mountain and burden a select gathering into a trailer; with the assistance of master judges, Trace Adkins concludes which cattle rustler will be wiped out straight away.

A Storm Is Coming

Amidst a fierce windstorm, an exhausting farm multi-stage sprint tests the skill, coarseness, and endurance of the 12 leftover cowpokes; with the assistance of two master judges, down-home music symbol Trace Adkins concludes who will send the package.

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City Slicker Showdown

In a city-slicker test, the excess 11 ranchers should show previous expert football players Vernon Davis and Glenn Gronkowski how to be cowhands on a steers drive; Trace Adkins and his master judges conclude which cattle rustler is wiped out.

Grit on the Open Range

The tension hit the four leftover cattle rustlers hard, and Zane committed his most memorable error of the opposition, in the cow roping challenge

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