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Charlie Chaplin Spouse: The “Little Tramp” And His Four Wives.


The moustachioed, ill-fitting-clothes humorous man featured in scores of silent films, getting into scrapes, amorous misunderstandings, and foolish disagreements with the characters he encountered.

Charlie Chaplin also excelled as a director, producer, and composer while growing up in a London workhouse and performing on vaudeville stages.

Chaplin’s 88-year career as an entertainer, creative genius, and at times controversial fame. Stacker researched media sources, biographies, and cinematic histories in order to compile the list.

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Hannah and Charles Chaplin Sr., who were music hall comedians, gave birth to Charlie Chaplin on 16 April 1889 in South London. When Chaplin was ten, he joined The Eight Lancashire Lads, a group of clog dancers. They went on a tour of the country.

The 1914 film “Kid Auto Races At Venice,” the “Little Tramp” character is a creation of Charlie Chaplin’s. A go-kart race was disturbed by Chaplin’s character, a spectator.

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