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Who Is Bobby Flay Dating Now 2022: Past And Present Relationship

Bobby Flay is the stage and screen name of Robert William Flay, a well-known American celebrity chef and restaurateur.

The multi-millionaire celebrity chef has had great success in his professional life, but he’s also had a lot of heartbreak in his personal life. Meet the Wives of Bobby Flay.


It’s a well-known truth that the 55-year-old TV personality has been married and divorced three times. In his personal life, he has not been able to sustain the same level of faith.

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First Wife

Bobby Flay’s coworker in the kitchen was Debra Ponzek. They initially met at a Meals on Wheels charity event. The couple started dating quickly. It was at the age of 26 that Bobb became engaged to her long-term partner.

Second Relationship

Bobby met Kate Connelly in 1995, two years after divorcing his first wife. Bobby was divorced and living in an apartment when they first met. Bobby and Kate initially became acquainted during his appearance on Robin Leach’s Talking Food.

Third Marriage

Bobby’s first two marriages ended in divorce, so he married actress Stephanie March for the third time. According to a number of sources, Bobby’s friendship with Stephanie was a factor in the breakup of his second marriage.

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