Is It Possible to Modify the Name on an Airline Ticket?

Can you change the name on an airline ticket? It’s a question that might send you into a panic if you suddenly notice a typo or some other dreaded spelling mistake on a boarding pass after booking.

If you’re in a situation where you need to change the name on an airline ticket, rest assured that every airline has systems in place to help passengers solve these issues. However, factors like how close to the flight you’ll be able to make changes—and how much it’ll cost—vary by carrier. Here’s what travelers should know.

If Your Name is Misspelled on a Plane Ticket, Can You Still Fly?

You can’t do that. The name on the boarding pass must be the same as the name on the government-issued ID that the person shows at the security stop, according to TSA rules. “Use the form of your name that is on the photo ID you will show at the airport,” the Department of Transportation recommends when making a reservation.

This is to make sure that everyone on the plane has been checked against the government’s list of people to watch and is allowed to fly. Not only can you be turned away at the security stop by the TSA, but many airlines also have a deadline for changing names on bookings.

Even if you think it’s too late to change your ticket, you should still call your airline’s customer service. They may be able to mark on the reservation that the problem has been reported.

Can I Correct the Mistake in My Airline Ticket Name?

If you discover an error, make sure to contact the airline or agency you booked with right away. If you’re feeling anxious at the airport, go to the ticket desk of your airline. Don’t worry if you forgot to include your middle initial. Airlines and TSA only pay attention to your first and last names.

Is There Any Cost for a Name Change on a Flight Ticket?

According to federal regulations, you can cancel a reservation on any airline within 24 hours without any charges. Some airlines may let passengers correct their names for free within that time period, but they are not obligated to do so by law. Some airlines may charge a fee for changing the name on a booking, even if it is done within 24 hours of making the reservation. Passengers should always check their reservation confirmations right after buying airfares.

The truth is that each flight has its own rules about changing tickets, and they can be very different. For example, Southwest and JetBlue both let tourists fix writing mistakes or typos in their names for free at least once.

Delta, United, Southwest, and JetBlue have strict policies against this. However, Avanica Airlines allows it for a fee that varies from $100 to $250. Airlines usually say that tickets are non-transferable for security reasons. However, from a government policy perspective, it is possible to change the name on an airline ticket. 

Can I Change My Name on a Flight Ticket After Marriage and Divorce?

You shouldn’t have any legal issues as long as you bring the necessary approved documents and budget enough time at the airport for officials to review them.

According to the Department of Transportation’s Fly-Rights page, if your name on the ticket is different from your identification on the day of travel, you need to bring documentation of the name change, such as a marriage certificate or court order. 

This will prove to the authorities that the name on your government ID now matches the one on your ticket, even if your physical ID doesn’t show it yet. For your safety, we recommend bringing a printed copy of the Fly-Rights page. This will help in case the person you’re speaking to is not familiar with this protection.


In conclusion, changing the name on an airline ticket is possible but varies by airline and situation. The name on the ticket must match the ID for security reasons.  Immediate action is advised for errors, and costs vary. Marriage/divorce changes need documentation. Airlines differ, so understanding policies is key for a hassle-free journey. 

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