King The Land Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything We Know So Far!

The launch of the romantic comedy K-drama King the Land took place on June 17, 2023, on both Netflix and JTBC. Gu Won and Cheon Sa-rang, two staff at a high-end hotel, are played by Lee Jun-ho and Lim Yoon-a, respectively.

The show chronicles their hysterical and endearing exchanges as they face family concerns, professional obstacles, and their developing affection for one another.

Fans and critics agree that the show’s clever banter, endearing chemistry, and breath of new air come from its writing. Go Won-hee, Kim Ga-Eun, Ahn Se-ha, and Kim Jae-won are just a few of the brilliant actors who round out the cast.

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King the Land K-Drama Season 2 Renewal Status

Some incomplete story remains, as a result of which the prospect of its second season is more likely to be released in the second season, although no official statement has been made yet, as a result of which You guys are given some expected info here.

King the Land K-Drama Season 2 Release Date

Netflix is planning to premiere Season 2 of the Korean drama King of the Land in 2025. The first season of the Korean drama was a smashing success, so hoping for a second is not unrealistic. Netflix has not yet renewed King of the Land for a second season. In 2024, we anticipate an official announcement.

King The Land Season 2 Release Date

King the Land K-Drama Season 2 Cast

King the Land Season 2 will have both old and new characters in the cast. As series regulars, the following actors are likely to return:

  • Lee Jun-ho plays Goo Won, the King Hotel’s heir and general manager.
  • Im Yoon-ah plays Cheon Sa-rang, the Smile Queen of the King Hotel.
  • Go Won-hee plays Oh Pyung-hwa, Sa-rang’s best friend and a King Air flight attendant.
  • Kim Ga-eun plays Kang Da-eul, a working mother who is the sales king of Alanga,
  • Noh Sang-sik, played by Ahn Se-ha, is Goo Won’s friend and secretary.
  • Kim Jae-won plays Lee Rowoon, a King Air flight attendant.

King the Land K-Drama Season 2 Plot

The love-hate relationship between King Hotel employees Gu Won and Sa-rang is the basis for the second season of the romantic comedy in King the Land. Season 2 will follow these characters as they deal with family concerns, professional obstacles, and their developing affection for one another in ways that are both amusing and heartwarming.

Season 2 will also go into the family feud between Gu Won and his cousin Seo-jin over who gets to own the luxury hotel chain King Group. His rival will throw everything in Gu Won’s way and threaten him in any way he can to prevent him from succeeding.

Sa-rang, meantime, will have her hands full between her professional and romantic pursuits. In addition, she will learn more about her grandmother and the odd ties she has to King Group.

King The Land Season 2 Release Date

More of their friends and family members, each with their own backstory and set of challenges to overcome, will be introduced in Season 2. Friends including King Air flight attendant and Sa-rang’s bestie Ji-hye, working mom and Gu Won’s secretary Soo-kyung, and Gu Won’s pal Hyun-woo, who has a thing on Sa-rang’s sister Eun-ji.

The drama and comedy will be amped up in the second season with the addition of new characters and plot points. Will Gu Won and Sa-rang finally get their happily ever after? Season 2 of King of the Land will reveal all.

How Many Episodes Will Be There in King the Land Season 2?

It’s not confirmed, but the season finale could have 16 or more episodes. So brace yourself for at least 20 episodes of thrills, drama, and passion. We assured you that season 2 will not disappoint. So mark your calendars for the exciting new season, which will premiere soon, with each episode picking up where we left off in Season 1.

King the Land K-Drama Season 2 Trailer

Season 2, which is set to premiere in 2025. While there has yet to be confirmation of the production of the next season, however, we can still enjoy last year’s trailer here.

Where to Watch King the Land Season 2?

If you haven’t seen King the Land Season 1 yet or want to revisit it before the second season, you can do so on Netflix or on JTBC. The show contains a total of 16 episodes, each lasting around an hour.

King the Land K-Drama Ratings

The show earned rave reviews from audiences all over the world, The show has received generally positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, earning an 8.0/10 rating on IMDb.


The gripping story of King the Land K-Drama Season 2 was successfully continued. The second season upheld the series’ high level, with complicated plot twists, fascinating characters, and visually spectacular production standards. It left fans expecting future developments and cemented King the Land’s status as a must-see drama.

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