Who is Rhea Ripley Dating? Know Her Past Relationships!!

Fans of wrestling may be familiar with the name Buddy Matthews. Matthews has had a long career that started in his home country of Australia.

He became well-known while working for WWE, and as an AEW member, he is still impressive. Despite losing to Orange Cassidy in his most recent attempt to win the AEW International Championship, Matthews’ effort was nothing short of amazing.

Matthews is clearly focused on winning the AEW championship and has his eyes set high. Fans are eagerly awaiting his ascent to the top, and it won’t be long before he receives the support he deserves.

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Who is Rhea Ripley Dating?

Matthew Adams, also known by his ring names Buddy Murphy and Buddy Matthews, is a fellow professional wrestler alongside Rhea Ripley. The fact that they have been spotted together on social media and on different occasions suggests that they are a couple.

Since Ripley and Murphy want to keep their personal lives private, they have not disclosed many details about their relationship to the public.

Who is Rhea Ripley Dating

However, they have exchanged pictures on social media and have been seen together at wrestling matches, indicating that they are dating.

While rumors and conjecture about the private lives of celebrities and other public figures are common, it is crucial to remember that these individuals ultimately determine what information they publish in public.

Since people have chosen to make certain information public, it is crucial to respect their privacy and only disclose information that has been made public.

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Rhea Ripley’s Personal Life

Rhea Ripley’s dating history is the only aspect of her personal life that is publicly known. She has a reputation for being a quiet person who only occasionally divulges information about her private life to the world.

We do know that Ripley loves tattoos and has several of them on her body, including a significant wolf tattoo on her back. She also enjoys animals and keeps many animals as pets, including a dog and a cat.

Ripley enjoys watching anime and playing video games in her spare time. She has also spoken openly about her own challenges with mental health and urged her followers to get support if they are experiencing similar difficulties.

Rhea Ripley’s Past Relationships

Rumors and conjectures regarding private relationships are nothing new in the professional wrestling industry. Demi Burnett and Rhea Ripley, who was allegedly dating fellow wrestler Tegan Nox, were the subjects of one such rumor.

Ripley has had a strong friendship with Nox for many years. Nox, whose real name is Steffanie Newell, is openly gay.

Who is Rhea Ripley Dating

Ripley and Nox occasionally showed up together at gatherings and posted romantic pictures on social media, although they never formally confirmed their relationship.

Nevertheless, it seems as though their love story came to an end around 2021. Fans still support Ripley and Nox as they seek their careers and happiness on a personal level, despite the fact that the specifics are kept confidential.


In conclusion, Rhea Ripley’s private life is kept quiet while Buddy Matthews is causing a stir in AEW and vying for the championship title.

She hasn’t verified the specifics of her private life, despite the rumors that she was dating Tegan Nox. Respecting their privacy and concentrating on assisting them in their wrestling careers are vital for us as fans.

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