Are Tk and Carlos Gay in Real Life?

The excellent actor Ronen Rubinstein, who plays T.K. Strand on the well-known series “9-1-1: Lone Star,” has been the focus of a lot of fan conjecture. Since the beginning of the series, audiences have been rooting for Rafael Silva’s characters, T.K. and Carlos Reyes, and speculating about Ronen’s sexual orientation in real life.

To the surprise of his followers, Ronen recently made headlines by admitting that he is bisexual. While he might be dating an actor, his disclosure has fans wondering what his character’s love life on the program will look like in the future.

Fans have given T.K. and Carlos the nickname “Tarlos” because of their enduring on-screen chemistry. It remains to be seen, though, whether the two will advance their romance.

Whatever transpires on the show, Ronen’s daring revelation has undoubtedly had an effect. He has inspired many people to live their lives with honesty and authenticity by being true to who they are. And that, my friends, is reason to rejoice.

Are Tk and Carlos Gay in Real Life?

It’s accurate to say that Ronen has never been open about his personal life. And it makes sense since it’s truly none of your business. Many of his followers are shocked, though, that he has chosen to publicly express his sexual inclination.

The actor confirmed that he is bisexual in a recent interview with Variety. He said, “I completely identify as bisexual.” I had goosebumps right there when you said that. It feels so good to talk about it and to finally be at ease with it.

While it comes as a surprise to many that he made such a big disclosure, the actor says that it has been a spark for him to be open and honest about who he truly is.

Tk and Carlos Gay

This is especially true considering how unwelcome he never felt in his community back home.

“The biggest thing for me is where I come from; it’s like people like me and people who have identified as bisexual, gay, or as any part of the community are just not welcomed,” he said.

It’s just that brutally honest,” he concluded. If you were gay, you would either get your ass kicked or endure excessive levels of vulgarity, such as the F-word being used frequently.

As a result, there was undoubtedly a fear of accepting how he felt. “In high school, I was unquestionably more conscious of it. I was aware of how I was feeling and how I had started to look at males, but I was unable to communicate with anyone about it.

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Is Ronen Rubinstein Dating Actress Jessica Parker Kennedy?

What has happened to Ronen Rubinstein and Jessica Parker Kennedy since he came out as an openly bisexual man? Their bond appears to be stronger than ever. One of the first people to properly bring up his sexuality and encourage him to be honest about it, according to Ronen, was Jessica.

The exchange between them went really well, with Jessica expressing her admiration and acceptance of him for who he is. She urged him to live in accordance with his truth and reassured him that others would accept him as he was.

Tk and Carlos Gay

Canadian actress Jessica Parker Kennedy is known for playing XS/Nora West-Allen on The Flash on the CW, Melissa Glaser on The Secret Circle, and Megan Rose on 90210.

In addition to their careers, Ronen and Jessica have two cute dogs named Fresh and Spot, who frequently appear on their Instagram feeds. They reside together in a home on the east side of Los Angeles.

Why Did Ronen Rubinstein Emphasize the Relevance of TV Couples Like Tarlos?

The core plot of a network show rarely includes LGBTQIA+ characters, despite recent improvements in LGBTQIA+ representation on TV and in cinema.

In an interview with Forbes before the launch of Season 2 of 9-1-1: Lone Star, Ruben discussed the significance of showcasing the love story of T.K. and Carlos.

Tk and Carlos Gay

Many millions of people watch this show. Normally, you would find this kind of programming on cable or streaming, but Fox is the network television provider,” she said. “Perhaps the most lovely aspect of ‘Tarlos’ is that people are seeing themselves for the first time on such a grand scale. It’s such a lovely and vital friendship.

The actor said that the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, has long been depicting LGBTQIA+ relationships on Fox (shows like Glee and Scream Queens ran on the network).

I believe it’s again another illustration of why Ryan Murphy is so important to television, movies, and our entire industry, the speaker concluded.

“The writers have prepared so much incredible content for us this season. I hope we are able to live up to it.


Many were inspired when actor Ronen Rubinstein, who plays T.K. Strand on “9-1-1: Lone Star,” came out as bisexual. The anticipation of fans for T.K.’s love life on the show has significantly increased as a result of Ronen’s confession.

He has a good relationship with Jessica Parker Kennedy because she was his first supporter. Ronen commended Ryan Murphy for portraying LGBTQIA+ couples on television. “9-1-1: Lone Star” on Fox captivates viewers.

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