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Is The Series Throne Of Seal Season 3 Renewed or Cancelled?


Throne of Seal is a Chinese Animated series also known as Divine Seal Throne. The series is directed by Yuanjun Zeng and the credit for writing goes to Tang Jia San Shao, Yuanjun Zeng.

The producers of the series are Lei Chang, Yuanyuan She, and Danting Shen. The original language of the series is Chinese.

The viewers of the series really enjoyed the first two seasons of Throne of Seal. And they are eagerly waiting for the renewal of the series.

Basically, the series is based on the book published in 2014 which has 2928 chapters. In this article, you will get to the plot of the series and season 3 of Throne of Seal.

Is The Series Throne Of Seal Season 3 Renewed or Cancelled?

The release date of the third season of Throne Of Seal is not confirmed because the officials of the series yet to announced whether the series renewed or not.

Throne Of Seal Season 3

The series was originally released on April 28, 2022, and it airs on Tencent Video. And the second season began to air on Nov 10, 2022. We can expect the next season of the season may release in August 2023.

The first season of the series has 27 episodes, and in the second it could be more than 22, Therefore, we can expect season 3 of Throne of Seal may have at least 20 episodes or more.

What Is the Storyline Of The Series Throne of Seal Season 3?

The animated series Thorne of Seal is returned with new twists, suspense, and a lot of fun. The viewers have high exceptions from the upcoming season. As of now, we cannot provide you with the exact information related to the plot of Throne of Seal season 3.

Let’s Read What is the Plot of the Series??

When the Demon God appeared, creatures were turned into demons. To defeat the demons, people built six temples. Young Long Haochen becomes a member of the temple and is the main character of the story.

Despite of having a slim body, Long Haochen is encouraged to become a powerful summoner like his father. A journey grows as he matures.

He gets the respect of others and battles with the demons for the Six Temples as well as for the benefit of people. He gives his life to save the world.

Could Long achieve the highest rank in the Knights’ Temple by winning the Throne of Seal? It has still remained secret.

Is The Trailer Available For Throne Of Seal Season 3?

The trailer for Throne Of Seal season 3 is not available yet. But can watch the official trailer of the series which is available on Youtube.

Who Will Be The Part Of Voice Cast In the Throne Of Seal Season 3?

The voice cast for season 3 is not revealed yet, but you can read about the main cast of the series, and the source of the list of the voice cast is TMDB.

Throne Of Seal Season 3

  • Chang Rongshan as Long Haochen(Child)
  • Nianru Shen as Saint Cher
  • Mingyue Liu as Lin Xin
  • Yin Tong as Long Xingyu
  • Zhiqiu Ye as Balor
  • Sheng Feng as Sima Xian
  • Tianxiang Yang as Han Yu
  • Yeqiao Yan as Chen Yinger
  • Xin Teng as Demon Emperor 
  • Yan Lijia as Chen Yinger
  • Yuntu Cao as Onimu

What Are The Ratings of The Series? Is Throne Of Seal Worth To Watch?

Various websites show the ratings of the series’ released seasons.  On IMDb, the series ratings are incredible, 9.1 out of 10. However, on another platform MyAnimelist, the ratings of the series are low than the previous website, it scores 7.72.

Resultantly, if you like to watch animated and adventurous series, then it is worth watching.

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To conclude, the series Throne Of Seal season 3’s release date is not announced by the officials. Hopefully, we get the updates soon for the third season.

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