When is The Heavenly Idol Season 2 Expected to be Released?

The Heavenly Idol is a television fantasy and comedy series written by Lee Cheon-geum. The directors of the series are Lee So-Yoon and Park So-Yeon.

The series is based on Holy Idol, and the Author is Sin Hwa Jin. The production companies of the series are Pitapaet Studio and Hi Ground. The Heavenly Idol starring Kim Min-kyu, Go Bo-glycol, and Lee Jang-woo.

 The series was originally released in Korea, and the original language of the series is Korean. The series was released in 2023, the popular romantic comedy series won the hearts of its viewers.

Now, they are waiting for the next season of the series. In this article, we are going to discuss the expected release date of The Heavenly Idol Season 2 and many more.

When is The Heavenly Idol Season 2 expected to be released?

On February 15, The Heavenly Idol series was released on tvN. The series is rated 15+ which means 15 and more than 15 can watch it.

The show’s producers have not yet announced whether the series will be renewed for a second season.

Moreover, the majority of Korean shows don’t have a second season. In the case of Korean romantic-comedy series, most of them don’t get actual sequels. We may only receive the first season.

What Could Happen In The Heavenly Idol Season 2?

The storyline of the series The Heavenly Idol centers on the character Woo Yeon-woo. Pontifex Rembrary is known for possessing extraordinary divine power and finds himself in a different environment while fighting a devil.  Pontifex takes over the body of Woo Yeon-woo, a member of an unsuccessful idol group of wild animals. 

After nine hours, Pontifex Rembray or say Woo Yeon-woo is pushed onto a broadcasting station stage with Wild Animal for a live show.

He admits that he is not a dancer, and the performance attracts the media and public notice. The idol group gains popularity thanks to Woo Yeon Woo’s attractive personality and self-assurance, which are boosted by the spirit of Pontifex Rembrary inside of him.

Pontifex Rembrary adapted to life as a member of an idol group while overcoming numerous challenges, including interacting with odd religious groups and the devil. Pontifex learns how to be a hero as he navigates the modern world.

The Heavenly Idol Season 2

A fan of Woo Yeon Woo instantly recognizes him as being someone different. Kim Dal initially rejects the idea that sorcery and body switching is real, but when confronted with extraterrestrial creatures, she comes to believe it.

The Evil one from another world is also present and continuously working on various plans to harm Pontifex. The plans of the Evil One appear to involve a celebrity religious group. They use shady methods and black magic to defame Woon Yeon Woo, but he and Kim Dal stop them.

Once Yeon Woo and Kim Dal get over the failure of the magic that caused a body exchange, the romance begins to blossom between them. 

In order to reassure Kim Dal, Pontifex gives up his most precious asset, and in return, Kim Dal gives away her memories and her chance at happiness in order to help Pontifex to win his battle.

As of now, we cannot guess the plot of the upcoming series, but the next season may flow with Woo Yeon-woo in a new body.

Who Will Be The Part Of The Heavenly Idol Season 2?

The next season of The Heavenly Idol will probably include the main cast of the show. It may be possible that the characters Kim Dal and Woo Yeon-woo swapped their roles. And the next season would add a new face for supporting roles. The main cast of the series is:

The Heavenly Idol Season 2

  • Kim Min-kyu as Rembrary / Woo Yeon-woo: played two characters A pontifex suddenly shifted to a new world. And Woo Yoen-woo, a K-pop boy from a wild animal group.
  • Go Bo-cool as Kim Dal: A former talented manager of a K-pop girl group who is a big fan of Woo Yeon -woo.
  • Lee Jang-Woo as the Evil One: The king of Evil of the other world who threatens to regain supreme power over the world.
  • Ye Ji Won as Lim Sun Ja
  • Tak Jae Hoon as Seon Woo Sil
  • Park Sang nam as Sa Gam Jae
  • Choi Jae Hyun As kasy
  • Kong Seung Bum as Choi Jung Seo

How Many Episodes Will Be In The Heavenly Idol Season 2?

The Season 2 of The Heavenly Idol may follow the same pattern as Season 1, and release at least 12 episodes as the first season of the series has 12 episodes. Each week two episodes of the series were released on Wednesday and Thursday, and the runtime of an episode is around 70 minutes. 

Is The Trailer of The Heavenly Idol Season 2 Available?

 There is not any trailer update for the second season of the series The Heavenly Idol. You can watch the official trailer of the series on youtube, in which you can watch the highlights.

Where Can I Watch The Heavenly Idol?

The fans of Korean drama series are searching for reliable and trustworthy platforms to watch the romantic and comedy series The Heavenly Idol.

You can watch the series on the well-known streaming platform Rakuten Viki which is an American video streaming website and streaming channel. Another platform to watch series is Viu which is a Hong Kong-based OTT platform.

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What Are the Ratings of the Previous Season of the Heavenly Idol?

 The great stars Kim Min Gue and Ko Bo-Gyeol are playing leading roles in the Drama series The Heavenly Idol which proportionally soured the potential of the series. Let’s see the series ratings on different platforms which conclude, whether the series is worth watching or not.

On IMDB, The Heavenly Idol series rated 6.8/10 by its users which is considered an average rating. However, on Mydramalist, the current rating of the series is 7.8 out of 10, which is really a good score.

Therefore, you can watch the series if you really love to watch romantic and comedy series. Instead of taking a risk of watching an episode, you can watch the trailer first. If you find it interesting, then you can watch it further.


Unfortunately, the renewal of the series The Heavenly Idol is not confirmed by the official team. We will update you once any official statement is disclosed related to the renewal and cancellation of the series season 2. Bookmark our website for more updates related to entertainment, thanks for visiting and reading.

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