Jinx Chapter 15: When Can We Expect the Release Date?

As the story progresses in Jinx, the peculiar bond between our favourite doctor and the MMA fighter grows stronger in Chapter 15. They’ve established that their relationship is heading in a Stockholm syndrome route.

They may be light years away from developing an emotional relationship at this point, but the signs are there. They have a strong bond due to their shared desire to expand their knowledge of one another and the world. Knowing one another better leads to a greater sense of bonding between them.


It was encouraging to see Kim have an apartment instead of remaining at the mercy of his harsh boss. He still hadn’t gotten over Jaekyung’s unexpected interest in him.

He had been knocked out in the previous session and was offered a sum of money and an advance on that sum to help him out. Kim won’t be too bothered by Jaekyung’s sudden dip in performance, but she’ll appreciate this act of goodwill and it’ll brighten her day for now.

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Jinx Chapter 15 Release Date

On March 3 and 4, 2023, the following areas will have access to Jinx Chapter 15.

Jinx 15 Trailer

Jinx Chapter 14 Recap

Kim Dan rushed to Jaekyung’s location after hearing that his boss was in danger (Jinx 14). Following his first title battle, the MMA fighter‘s bad attitude has only become worse whenever he’s around the attractive doctor.

To top it all off, the other man had spat at him while having the upper hand in their fight, and this infuriated him beyond measure. He turned to Kim Dan for comfort since he was at a loss to deal with his rage.


The situation was still being assessed when Doc Dan arrived at the stadium. His inner doctor desperately wanted to assist Jaekyung, but Jaekyung’s command to depart foiled his efforts.

It was an agreement he announced that would ensure they could be authentic at all times. Kim felt incredibly let down by himself for having expected a different outcome after Jaekyung unloaded his stress upon him this time.

Jinx Chapter 15 Spoilers

Chapter 15 of Jinx has Jaekyung giving in to his softer instincts, which could be the beginning of a romantic relationship between the two of them.

He recalled the time his personal doctor had inquired if he done anything besides push on Kim when he was venting his frustrations. There was an instantaneous spark within him, and he gently hugged the frail doctor. We can only speculate as to his motivations, but with his match starting in just a few minutes, he won’t have much time to think about it.

After the events of the past several minutes, Kim Dan will have a lot to think about. Soon he would realise that Jaekyung has been treating him better ever since the time he passed out in home.

His back will hurt like hell, and his thoughts will be all over the place. To let his emotions settle, he will ignore all of stuff and watch Jaekyung’s match. The aftereffects of the most recent session will continue to bother him in subsequent books, even though he will continue to feel discomfort from earlier sessions.

Where to Read Jinx Chapter 15?

The next week, Chapter 15 of Jinx will be released by Lezhin Comics.

If you enjoyed this and would like to read more about a protagonist (Reiji) who wants to leave the town in which he grew up but is met with opposition from his mother and a former best friend, then you should read Boy’s Abyss. Read Painter of the Night if you like BLs set in ancient China.


Jinx Chapter 15’s most crucial points are that the doctor’s peculiar connection to the MMA fighter grows stronger and that their shared desire to learn about the world strengthens their friendship.

It was encouraging to see Kim get an apartment of his own instead of continuing to rely on his nasty boss. It appears that Jaekyung has finally given in to his softer side, which could be the start of a romantic connection.


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