Aggretsuko Season 5 Ending Explained: Who Is Responsible For Haida’s Truck Crash?

The Netflix series Aggretsuko, starring the insane red panda Retsuko, returned in February 2023 for a fifth and final season. Since season four was aired over two years ago, fans have impatiently awaited the final season to see Retsuko’s adventures.

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Aggretsuko 5 Plot

Haida refuses to work and stays a slacker and gamer. Retsuko breaks up with him until he finds work to avoid being called a pushover. He loses his job and is evicted for not paying rent as his gaming spree with his internet gamer friend becomes increasingly obsessive.

He works odd jobs but mostly hangs out at the internet café with his gamer friend Shikabane. He tells Retsuko he’s still living at home, even though he and Fenneko know otherwise.

Everyone convinces Retsuko that Haida has a cheating gamer girlfriend. Fenneko creates a fake gamer tag to establish friends with Shikabane and Haida online, then she and Retsuko meet them in person to eavesdrop on their relationship.

After Fennelope, alias Fenneko, doesn’t show up, Haida and Shikabane return to the cafe, and Retsuko surprises Haida before they leave for the night. She’s still angry, but her concerns are addressed. She moves in with Haida, which initially cheers her up but soon turns sour. Her mother unexpectedly visits and discovers her daughter is living with her lover.

Haida wants work before seeing Retsuko’s parents. Despite his efforts, he cannot find a solution. He tells the parents he’s unemployed after pretending everything is fine. Retsuko’s parents look unconcerned.

Haida learns from Shikabane that she hasn’t been visiting the café lately. While this is happening, a stalker-like man approaches Tadano and asks about “Aggressive Retsuko,” causing him to come to her aid.

Aggretsuko Season 5 Ending Explained

Retsuko Wins Ward 8 Elections?

Retsuko finishes second behind Haida’s brother Jiro. She gives her everything and can sometimes rouse enormous crowds with her loud voice. She struggles at first, losing her voice and rage in the face of a massive project and its labour.

her slouching and discouragement, which is unlike her. He tells her about the night she beat him in Karaoke with her fury voice, which she still employs, and she is inspired to continue her campaign.

Jiro wins the election in Aggretsuko Season 5. Jiro befriends Haida and Retsuko after his victory.

Haida’s Truck Crash—Responsible? Who’s

Haida survived a truck crash. While he sits on the pavement, hands twitching and mind wandering, Retsuko runs over in surprise. Haida thinks this is too much of a nasty trick by the competition to discourage them. Retsuko, saddened, announces through tears that she will no longer race.

Haida’s renewed conviction drives her to fight and help those who have given up, including Shikabane. Jiro tells his brother and Retsuko that the truck tragedy was not his fault at the end of Aggretsuko’s fifth season, and Haida believes him.

Does Haida Work?

Haida gets a job after several rejections and an overwhelming sense of failure. He worked several jobs before Retsuko’s political campaign.In Aggretsuko season 5, Haida is still unemployed and lazing around while Retsuko’s office gossips about him. He plays video games while his belongings pile up, despite his promises to Retsuko that he will find work.

Eventually, Jiro, his younger brother, humiliates him and evicts him from his apartment. Retsuko won’t talk to him until he cleans up. He initially can’t do a physically tough construction work. Retsuko helps him recover and work at a store.

He quits to support Retsuko with her election campaign and gets a new career, but by Aggretsuko Season 5, we still don’t know what he does.


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