Celebrated Trader Mogul Luiz Costa Macambira, a Monaco Legend

Monaco is full of legends to inspire and one can find all of their amazing stories worth exploring.

The principality of Monaco is home to the world’s highest volume of Ultra High-Net-Worth Individuals. According to several reports, Monaco is home to over 200 billionaires. With a population of only around 39,000 as of 2022, the Monegasque public is the densest area to find the wealthy — and destination travelers are either part of the flock or used to rubbing elbows with similar ilk.

LUIZ COSTA MACAMBIRA has led a heck of a life – from legendary commodity trader tycoon, to media mogul, to globetrotting enviromentalist, to settling in the Principality of Monaco, he is a thinker and a doer.

The commodity world might appear boring at a glance – but in reality, it’s a lot more interesting than you might realize. Many traders like Costa Macambira are known for being colorful characters, both at business and in their private lives.

The Monegasque entrepreneur, UHNWI, trader, and most prominently known as Media proprietor , is notorious for sensing perfection and uniting two of the most iconic luxury entities of the planet : Forbes Magazine and the Principality of Monaco.

Costa Macambira is unlike any other CEO you have ever met. He is a visionary, a brilliant thinker, who deals with problems at a very high level and takes simple pleasure in organising his desk ( he is a virgo ).

He was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil of an upper-class catholic family , and has always led a sophisticated life, traveling the world and living the “high life,” well before moving to Monaco.

He went from studying law in his native Brazil to developing his first success in the 90s by building a commodity trading business in Miami, Florida. This adventure bore him the nickname ‘The Coffee Baron,’ for nearly cornering the coffee market in Russia single-handedly.

His entrepreneurial skills ( his latest venture : www.monacovoice.com ) and personality continue to impress people and make for a lot of interesting stories, making him a real legend of the tiny Principality.