Virgin River Season 4: Is This Movie Based on a River?

As of the beginning of this month, the fourth season of Virgin River became available on Netflix, much to the joy of subscribers; it quickly attracted viewers from all over the world.

The new season immediately gets back into the turmoil surrounding Mel’s pregnancy, as well as what happened to Brady, who was put to jail for shooting Jack but could be innocent, as well as what happened to Hope, who is back on the scene in the most recent run of the show.

Fans can rest confident that Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson will return to their roles as the much-loved and core pair of the series, Mel and Jack. However, a number of new people also arrive to mix things up in the most recent installment of the series.

Because the production of Virgin River season 5 has been given the go-ahead, viewers who have already watched all of the show’s fourth season should take comfort in the fact that there will be additional episodes produced in the future.

According to Jinny Howe, Vice President of Original Series for Netflix, who was interviewed by USA Today about the decision to renew the show for a fifth season, “[with] everything that’s been going on in the world, people more and more [are] looking for, not just that comfort, but also that feeling of hope and that feeling of community.”

Read on, however, for all the most recent information regarding the upcoming fourth season of Virgin River, including character announcements, hints about the storyline, and trailers.

Virgin River Season 4 Release Date

Wednesday, July 20th, Netflix added Virgin River. Martin Henderson, who plays Jack, said he was “doing a little post-production” on season 4 in November 2021. Netflix renewed the love drama in May, offering viewers a sneak look at upcoming episodes.

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Netflix has also renewed the sitcom for a fifth season, with Vice President of Original Series Jinny Howe telling USA Today that “people are searching for comfort, hope, and camaraderie.”

Virgin River Season 4

“Everything came together fairly organically, and I think this proves that this is an important part of our programming.”
The official Virgin River Instagram account published a behind-the-scenes photo of the cast on a table read for season 5, confirming production.

Virgin River Season 4 Cast

As midwife Mel Monroe and bar owner Jack Sheridan, respectively, Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson will return for the fourth season of Virgin River.

Meanwhile, Colin Lawrence (Preacher), Lauren Hammersley (Charmaine Roberts), Tim Matheson (Vernon ‘Doc’ Mullins), Benjamin Hollingsworth (Dan Brady), Grayson Gurnsey (Ricky), and Sarah Dugdale (Lizzie) will return for a third season.

Virgin River Season 4 Plot

Mel and Jack will struggle with Mel’s pregnancy news, but Mel is grateful to be a mother.”But things get complex when a gorgeous doctor moves to town” Hope is suffering from psychological stress after her vehicle accident at the end of season 3.

Showrunner Sue Tenney told TVLine there will be “two gorgeous, long episodes” about Doc and Hope’s vow renewal in the next season.

“When a re-commitment ceremony comes up, we’ll want to watch it,” she said. “But we have some turmoil with both characters that put it on hold but heightens their attachment to each other.”

Virgin River Season 4

Netflix said Brie is “bent on establishing the innocence of the man she loves” and is “closer to Calvin’s vicious criminal web.” “Preacher can’t help but dream of a reunion with Christopher and Paige,” Netflix says.

In season 3, Brady gets jailed for reportedly shooting Jack in his pub, although the teaser suggests it’s not a clear-cut case.
In the film, Preacher shows Jack a private detective’s footage demonstrating Brady couldn’t have shot him, telling him, “We’ve got to get him out of there.”

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Martin Henderson said he knows who shot Jack last year. “Knowing makes me think the audience will learn.”

Moreover, “Season 3 was a possibility. In certain revisions, we had more information and you knew more. They extended it for many reasons. That can be extended.”

It would be unfair to the audience. It’s tacky to keep people guessing. There must be closure, and it further complicates his connection with Brady. It’ll be wonderful to see things settled and maybe heal going forward.”

Season 4 is also anticipated to continue up after the season 3 finale’s huge twist, in which Jack proposed to Mel and Mel revealed she’s pregnant, not knowing if the father is Jack or her late husband Mark (Daniel Gillies).

Jack broke up with Mel because they wanted different things, therefore we can presume she went to an IVF clinic and used frozen embryos from while her husband was alive. In the next series, we’ll see the ramifications of this bombshell news and discover the baby’s paternity.

Tenney previously told TVLine: “You’ll find out by the fourth season.”
Henderson teased the events of season 4 and hinted that Jack may not want to marry Mel after all. “I’m unsure how he’ll feel. Some questions remain.”

Alexandra Breckenridge recently told TVLine that she came around on Mel’s storyline. “It ends up making sense to me.

“I wondered, “What is Mel doing?” It’s insane! As an actor, you must trust the process and writers to guide you. I learned that.”

Charmaine has said she’ll try to win full custody of Jack and Charmaine’s twins. Tenney remarked, “We will use Brie’s legal background in the show coming ahead.”

Season 4 Virgin River Trailer

Jack tells Mel, “If Mark is the father, I may feel differently about our baby.”

Mel could face a legal fight if the baby is Mark’s, as his sister told her that their mother engaged a lawyer to seek custody of the two embryos she had frozen while Mark was alive.

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Season 4 may potentially pardon Brady, who was condemned to jail for shooting Jack in season 3 if Preacher finds footage in his favor.

“Preacher continues, “I need you to view something the PI sent. He must leave.” Netflix published a season 4 trailer in early July, previewing Mel’s struggle over testing the baby’s paternity and the town’s new doctor, Cameron Hayek (Mark Ghanimé).