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Roswell New Mexico Season 3: When Will the Third Season of This Series Begin Airing?

The new version of “Roswell, New Mexico” on the CW is getting ready for its third season. Based on Melinda Metz’s “Roswell High” book series, the first TV show was just called “Roswell.” Katherine Heigl and Colin Hanks were among the stars. The ratings for “Roswell” were bad throughout its three seasons, but the new version is doing much better. “Roswell, New Mexico” is similar to its predecessor in a lot of ways, but it has a much more diverse cast and talks about important issues like immigration, which gives it more depth.

roswell new mexico season 3

TVLine said in January 2020 that The CW had picked up “Roswell, New Mexico” for a third season after its first two seasons did well. After thinking about what COVID-19 has done to production schedules, The CW’s CEO Mark Pedowitz gave the show’s fourth season the go-ahead early in 2021. (via Deadline). Even though we don’t know much about Season 4, here’s what we do know about the release date, cast, and plot of Season 3 of “Roswell, New Mexico.”

When Will the Third Season of Roswell, New Mexico Begin Airing?

Popular shows such as “Riverdale,” “DC’s Stargirl,” and “Masters of Illusion” have all been given premiere dates on The CW’s summer schedule. The good news includes the debut date for the third season of “Roswell, New Mexico.” Monday, July 26, according to Deadline, will see the debut of the newest season, followed by a new episode of “The Republic of Sarah.” In addition, IMDb puts “Hands” as the title of the opening episode of the third season of the popular supernatural drama, which leaves much to the imagination regarding its content.

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Filming for Season 3 began in October 2020, but it took a while to get going because of COVID-19 and Carina Adly MacKenzie’s departure as the show’s creator and co-showrunner (via The Hollywood Reporter). The Cinemaholic says that Season 3 of “Roswell, New Mexico” will have 13 episodes that are each 40 to 43 minutes long. This is the same as the first two seasons.

Who Will Be in the Roswell New Mexico Season 3?

Most of the main cast should be back for Season 3 of “Roswell, New Mexico.” Liz Ortecho, the main character, will be played by Jeanine Mason again. Nathan Parsons will play Max Evans and the new character Mr. Jones, and Amber Midthunder will continue to play Liz’s sister Rosa. Michael Vlamis, who plays Michael Guerin, Lily Cowles, who plays Isobel Evans, Tyler Blackburn, who plays Alex Manes, Heather Hemmens, who plays Maria DeLuca, and Michael Trevino are also back (Kyle Valenti). In the third season, Forrest’s relationship with Alex is likely to still be going strong, so Christian Antidormi could come back to play him.

roswell new mexico season 3

We anticipate seeing more of a number of recurrent characters in Season 3, as their roles in “Roswell, New Mexico” become increasingly crucial to the plot. This includes, among others, GiGi Erneta (Dr. Margot Meyerson), Justina Adorno (Steph), and Christian Antidormi (Forrest Long). Steven Krueger (Heath), David DeSantos (Edgar), Michael Grant Terry (Jordan Bernhardt), Gillian Vigman (Brooke Taylor), and Quentin Plair are among the new cast members, according to The Cinemaholic (Dallas). We can’t wait to discover more about the new characters and how they fit into Roswell’s intriguing history.

What Will Be the Plot of Roswell New Mexico Season 3?

We still don’t know what will happen in Season 3 of “Roswell, New Mexico,” but the end of Season 2 gave fans a lot to look forward to. Alex kissed Forrest at the end of the second season, Michael and Alex learned that Mr. Jones was involved in a massacre that Alex’s great-uncle led, and the crew found the mysterious Mr. Jones, who looks a lot like Max. Based on what happened in the last season, it seems like the people of Roswell and their alien friends will have to learn to work together if they want to beat their real enemy. We’ll also find out more about Mr. Jones and, if we’re lucky, learn where the aliens came from and where they live.

roswell new mexico season 3

MacKenzie told Digital Spy that she had decided to make the next romantic interest for Isobel a woman before she departed the program. She explained that the three aliens had human views on gender and sexuality because they had been raised in the United States. “However, Isobel’s season-long storyline centered on discovering her true identity apart from external influences. So, I guess we’ve been leading up to the thought that perhaps aliens aren’t constrained by the same laws and beliefs about gender as the rest of us have. Yes, I’m thrilled that Isobel’s next romantic interest will be a lady.”

The first official trailer for Season 3 was released on June 29 by The CW, and it seems to be as action-packed as fans are hoping for. The video also reveals that the next episode of “Roswell, New Mexico” will air on July 26.

Final Words

“Roswell, New Mexico” is getting ready for its third season. It will follow “The Republic of Sarah” and “Riverdale”. There’s no word on who will be in Season 3 yet. Most of the main cast should be back for Season 3 of “Roswell, New Mexico” Christian Antidormi could come back to play Forrest Long again. Steven Krueger, David DeSantos, and Quentin Plair are among the new cast members.

The CW’s “Roswell” has released the first trailer for Season 3. Fans will find out more about the aliens and Mr. Jones. MacKenzie says Isobel’s next romantic interest will be a woman. The trailer also reveals the next episode will air on July 26.

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