Kyle Massey Net Worth: What is Kyle Massey’s Alleged Offense?

As ‘Cory Baxter’ on the hit Disney Channel series That’s So Raven and its spin-off, ‘Cory In The House,’ Kyle has practically become a ‘Disney Star.’ Kyle also sang the show’s theme tune, “Cory in the House.”

In addition to his various rap albums for “Walt Disney Records,” he acted in the first Disney Channel film adaptation of “Life Is Ruff.” Massey is now contributing his voice to Disney’s Fish Hooks, where he plays the role of Milo.

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The Early Life of Kyle Massey

Massey, aka Kyle Orlando Massey, is an American actor and rapper. The Disney Channel originals

kyle Massey Net Worth “That’s So Raven” and “Cory in the House” is where he made his name as an actor. From the turn of the millennium onward, he has maintained a busy schedule, appearing in multiple films and TV shows and releasing albums of both hip-hop and rock music with Hollywood Records and Walt Disney Records.

In the beginning, Mossey’s fame was due to his connection to Disney. His birth date is August 28, 1991, in Atlanta, Georgia. To parents Michael and Angela Massey, he is the younger of two sons. Christopher, his older sibling, is also an actor and musician. He took an early interest in learning and academic competitions (particularly spelling bees) during his formative years. He won the fourth-grade spelling bee, which was his greatest early accomplishment.

Kyle enjoyed academics, but he also had a strong passion for the sports of golf and basketball. His first appearance in the National Minority Junior Golf Tournament was when he was only eight years old, and he went on to win it multiple times. He started going to theaters and drama schools while still a student at Jonesville High School (from which he graduated in 2009) in order to hone his acting chops. His breakthrough came in the early 2000s when he was cast in a series of ads.

Career of Kyle Massey 

Massey made his debut screen appearance in the 1999 TV movie “Selma, Lord, Selma.” He also had a role in the TV movie “Passing Glory” from the same year. From 2001’s “The Parkers” episode to 2002’s “That Was When,” “The District,” and “Becker,” he was in a lot of TV shows.

Getting cast on “That’s So Raven” on the Disney Channel in 2003 was his big break. He played the protagonist’s younger sibling for all four seasons. The show was a rating success, drawing in many viewers. Life is Ruff, a Disney Channel Original Movie from 2005, also included him as a lead actor.

Massey had a starring role in the “That’s So Raven” prequel “Cory in the House” back in 2007. Massey provided the voice of a prominent character on the Disney Channel series “Fish Hooks” from 2010 to 2014. In addition, he appeared in three episodes of “The Electric Company,” a PBS instructional series for kids.

Personal Life

Over the years, Massey has dated a slew of ladies. He’s been in relationships with Maiara Walsh, Bristol Palin, and Taylor Dooley. It was recently confirmed that he is dating Hana Giraldo. No children appear to have resulted from their union.

Massey has been at the center of a few scandals during the past decade. Rapper Lil Twist was apprehended and charged with assault in connection with an incident involving Massey and Christopher, Massey’s older brother, in 2015. A couple of years ahead of schedule,

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Lil Twist broke into Massey’s apartment, attacked Christopher with brass knucks, and stole numerous items. Lil Twist pled no contest and was sentenced to a year in prison, however, he only spent seven and a half weeks behind bars.

What is Kyle Massey’s Alleged Offense?

According to court documents acquired by TMZ, Massey has been charged with one count of communicating with a juvenile for immoral reasons.

Between the months of December 2018 and January 2019, he is accused of “electronic sending of sexually explicit content” to a 13-year-old child.

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According to court documents, the girl’s mother gave police a thumb drive holding the sexually explicit messages Kyle reportedly sent while she was 13 years old.

According to the girl’s mom, Kyle has known her since she was four years old.

A civil suit filed against Massey in 2019 alleges that she sent “many sexually explicit text messages, photos, and videos” via Snapchat, leading to this charge.

Kyle Massey’s Net Worth

Kyle Massey is a multi-talented American entertainer with a net worth of $500,000. He has appeared on stage as an actor, dancer, singer, comedian, rapper, and magician. Most people will recognize Kyle Massey as Cory Baxter from the Disney Channel sitcoms “That’s So Raven” and “Cory in the House,” in which he starred. On “Cory in the House,” he provided the theme song’s vocals.

After only two seasons, the show was canceled. Massey has put out a number of rap singles on Walt Disney Records and Hollywood Records. Both the “Disney Channel Holiday” and “Shaggy Dog” soundtracks featured his singing, and the latter was for the song “Who Let The Dog Out.” His credits include “Dancing with the Stars” (ABC), “Fish Hooks” (Disney), and “The Voice of Milo” (Disney).

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Massey also appeared in an episode of “The Electric Company,” an educational program for kids that aired on PBS. The new musical “Holler If Ya Hear Me,” based on the words of Tupac Shakur, marked Massey’s Broadway debut in the role of John Caviness. Christopher Massey, who played Michael Barret on “Zoey 101,” is Massey’s brother. Kyle Massey was sued in March 2019 for allegedly transmitting sexually explicit material to a 13-year-old girl.

Final Lines

Kyle Massey is an American actor, dancer, singer, comedian, rapper, and magician. He starred in the Disney Channel sitcoms “That’s So Raven” and “Cory in the House” Massey has also appeared on Broadway in the musical “Holler If Ya Hear Me”.

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