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Andy Dick Net Worth: How He Become Millionaire?


Famous for his appearances in “NewsRadio” and “The Andy Dick Show,” Andy Dick is an American actor, voice actor, and television and film, producer.

His first regular TV employment was the short-lived but critically acclaimed “The Ben Stiller Show.” Andy’s annual salary is $100,000. He has been the subject of many Comedy Central Roasts, where he gained notoriety for both his comedy and his outrageous antics.

When he does make headlines, it’s usually for the wrong reasons. In addition to his criminal record and unusual behavior, he has been accused of and arrested for numerous instances of sexual misconduct.

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The Early Life of Andy Dick

Born in Charleston, South Carolina on December 21, 1965, Chicago was where Andrew Thomlinson spent his formative years. He is also known by his former name, Andrew Roane Dick. He moved about as a kid, spending time in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, and even Yugoslavia before settling in Chicago in 1979.

A former student of Lassiter High School. Dick participated in several plays during his senior year of high school. During his final year, he was recognized for his leadership and charisma and crowned homecoming king. He graduated from Joliet West High School in Joliet, Illinois in 1984.

When he was in high school, he was teased for his surname, so he decided to dress up as “Super Dick” and go to class. After finishing high school, Dick moved to Chicago’s South Side and attended Illinois Wesleyan University for a semester before transferring to Columbia College. While in college, he focused mostly on theatrical work and took improv comedy classes at the iO Theater.

Andy Dick Has Been Working for More Than 3 Decades

Andy Dick, an actor, and comedian got his start in the industry in the late ‘80s dubbing for the animation Laputa: Castle in the Sky.

After joining the cast of The Ben Stiller Show, a popular comedy sketch show in the 1990s, he became a household name in Hollywood. His role as control agent Zach Smart in the 1995 spin-off of the secret agent sitcom Get Smart was another notable role for him.

According to a Vulture article citing an old interview with Laughspin, Dick said he was offered a spot on SNL shortly after leaving The Ben Stiller Show. But in the end, he rejected it. Thoughts of why he had declined it flooded his mind. After explaining his reasoning, he remarked,

“I said no because I had just come off The Ben Stiller Show, but the truth of the matter is I was scared I would not be able to perform a few roles every week.”

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Despite his refusal to join Saturday Night Live, he found success in front of the camera. In addition to his roles in Inspector Gadget and Road Trip, he also appeared in the NBC sitcom NewsRadio. Apart from appearing in both Family Guy and The Simpsons as himself, Dick has voiced characters in the animated programs Clone High and Sammy.

In addition to his acting career, Dick is known for creating and helming his own comedy sketch show, The Andy Dick Show.


Andy Dick said in one interview that he had been to treatment centers for substance abuse 20 times. This man was once opposed to sober living but is now an advocate. In 1999, following a night out with Andy Dick, David Strickland took his own life. He was arrested for drug possession, driving under the influence, and leaving the scene of an accident all in the same year.

In 2008, he was charged with sexual assault after he allegedly exposed himself to a 17-year-old girl by pulling down her shirt.

In 2010, he was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault following an incident in a bar in which two women accused him of unwanted touching. In 2018, he was arrested again after being accused of sexually abusing a different person through physical contact.

Andy Dick’s Net Worth

American actor and comedian Andy Dick has a $300 thousand fortune. Despite being, to put it mildly, a divisive personality, Andy Dick has become one of the most famous comedians of our time.

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Andy Dick is known for his comedic work, but he is also frequently in the news for all the wrong reasons. His career has been marred by drug abuse, incarceration, claims of sexual assault, and more. Andy Dick’s antics on stage or on camera are always sure to be offbeat and bizarre.

Wrapping Up

Andy Dick has a $300 thousand fortune. Comedian is known for his comedic work, but he is also frequently in the news for all the wrong reasons.

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My career has been marred by drug abuse, incarceration, claims of sexual assault, and more. His antics on stage or on camera are always sure to be offbeat and bizarre.

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