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She-hulk Scrapped Captain America 4 Villain From Original Script!

Fans are discovering more about Marvel Studios’ final Phase 4 series, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, and what ideas and plans didn’t make it into the meta, surprise-filled show.

In addition to Hulk’s son Skaar and Daredevil’s initial post-credits scene, Marvel considered recasting Edward Norton for She-conclusion. Hulk’s

But, nope. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has nefarious designs for a Captain America: New World Order figure.

Jessica Gao, the show’s head writer, told ComicBook.com that Tim Blake Nelson’s The Leader would be used.

Nelson was originally featured in The Incredible Hulk in 2008. His MCU tale was never rehashed till now, like the film.

Due to She-callbacks Hulk to the 2008 film, Intelligencia, and plans to take her blood, fans thought Nelson’s The Leader might return.

This hypothesis gained traction when Tim Blake Nelson was announced for Captain America 4 midway through She-season. Hulk’s

“In my original pitch, I had The Leader in there:”
HulkKing vs. Leader

The Leader’s removal from She-Hulk may have been for the best.

Todd Phelps’ HulkKing fit the show’s tone and message better than The Leader, who may have had different objectives.

Director Julius Onah called Captain America 4 a “paranoid thriller” where everything “feels so genuine and intense because of this enemy.”

The Leader was considered for many MCU projects, but it’s unknown why She-Hulk cut him.

The question is if Captain America 4 will feature many Hulks. If so, will She-Hulk debut in New World Order?

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