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Is Hawkgirl Joining the Dceu Films?

Hawkman will appear in Black Adam, but will Hawkgirl? Black Adam’s Hawkman actor Aldis Hodge says Hawkgirl’s absence may have been intentional. Aldis told The Direct, “Everything has a meaning and purpose.”

Dwyane Johnson revealed on Twitter that Hawkgirl was in Black Adam’s initial JSA lineup. Unknown factors led to the character’s cancellation. Hodge couldn’t explain why Hawkgirl was cut, but he praised the character.

“I can’t comment on her role in the film’s plot since… I can’t say how that would affect the film, but it would be fantastic. Her absence is deliberate. We have room to grow, so we can explore many options; hopefully, that’s one of them. Everything has a purpose.

Comics Hawkgirl and Hawkman are close. 1940’s Flash #1 was her debut. She’s since appeared in many media.

Black Adam presents JLA. Hawkman and Doctor Fate are popular favorites, but Hawkgirl and other Justice League veterans are missing. Black Adam seems to be establishing Dwayne Johnson’s anti-hero figure in the DCEU and building up a clash with Superman.

That doesn’t mean the JSA won’t have a major role. In teasers and TV advertisements, we’ve seen the JSA fight, Black Adam, on his native territory. Hawkgirl and other Justice League members may have helped the JSA counter Black Adam’s abilities.

Hawkgirl will still get her due. She’s also appeared in live-action films. In The CW Arrowverse, Ciara Renee played the character.

Hodge mentioned Hawkgirl at the Black Adam premiere. The actor said Mr. Terrific and Hawkgirl should be next in the DCEU.

Due to Black Adam’s post-credit scene and Dwayne Johnson’s desire to continue with the DCEU, Hawkgirl and other JSA characters could appear in future films. Superman’s involvement in Black Adam boosted the film’s buzz.

Black Adam’s box office success and critical acclaim could lead to new ventures.
Hawkgirl may appear in Flashpoint if she doesn’t appear in Black Adam. She joined the Amazon Furies in the original Flashpoint narrative to kill Lois Lane. Flashpoint is a multiverse movie, therefore there may be numerous cameos from the comic.

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