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Ironheart Replaces Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; Here is Our Best Look at the New Armor!

We won’t simply meet the MCU’s new Black Panther when Black Panther: Wakanda Forever opens next month. We’ll see Robert Downey Jr.’s (Iron Man) replacement. Riri Williams (Dominique Thorne) is Ironheart in Marvel comics.

The second Wakanda Forever teaser marked the start of internet ticket sales. This footage showed us Ironheart’s functional armor. Fast cuts didn’t let us zoom in on the suit. We don’t have to wait until the premiere to see Riri’s suit.

Riri Williams is a talented engineer who will develop her own Iron Man suit in the MCU. Tony’s armor saved him. Wakanda Forever will reveal why Williams builds her armor. She’ll likely work with Wakandans to battle villains.

Ironheart will likely pair up with Shuri, who will wear Black Panther armor. Shuri is a more adept engineer than Williams since she has access to Wakanda’s tech. Trailers suggest they’ll be friends.
Williams may join the Avengers after Wakanda Forever.

She’s one of the younger MCU superheroes, therefore maybe the Young Avengers. Ironheart fits in with Iron Man’s fans.
Does Riri Williams replace Tony Stark?

Even though Tony Stark died in Endgame, we expect Marvel to bring him back. As he’d hoped, he saved the world by sacrificing himself. This is Marvel’s legacy. The current saga’s multiverse concept allows Marvel chances to bring back Iron Man.

Marvel may limit RDJ’s return to crossovers. Ironheart replaces Iron Man. After the Infinity Saga, Marvel has done this with numerous renowned heroes.

Anthony Mackie plays Captain America, Sam Wilson. Tatiana Maslany plays Jennifer Walters (Hulk) Kate Bishop is another Hawkeye (Hailee Steinfeld). Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova is a breakout MCU character.

Jane (Natalie Portman) can also replace Mighty Thor, even when he’s offline. We said her death isn’t permanent.

Ironheart’s MCU appearance is unknown.

Ironheart should help the Avengers replicate Iron Man’s feats. Riri isn’t rich (yet). Nobody knows if she has Tony’s magnetism.
Wakanda Forever will be Ironheart’s first MCU appearance. Her Disney Plus show Ironheart will tell the character’s origin tale in a year.

The finest glimpse at Ironheart’s suit comes from TV advertising. You can’t dodge this Ironheart spoiler. Before Wakanda Forever hits theaters, you may see this Target ad numerous times.
Riri struggles to develop her suit as Tony did in the first Iron Man. If not life-threatening. The suit is unfinished, bulkier, and less complex than Tony Stark’s.

This is our greatest look yet. In the following weeks, we’ll see if Marvel reveals more about this Iron Man alternative. In Wakanda Forever, you’ll see the whole outfit of armor.

Leaked set photographs show how the suit will look.

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