Drew Barrymore Discusses George Clooney’s Dating Advice to Her and His Courtship of Amal Clooney (Exclusive)!

George Clooney now has one additional career option: couple’s therapist. This Friday’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show will include a one-hour reunion between Drew Barrymore and her co-star from Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. In an interview with ET, Drew discussed the reconnection and how she received an impromptu therapy session with the Oscar winner, who recently celebrated his 8-year anniversary with his wife Amal Clooney.

Drew tells ET’s Nischelle Turner, “That was what was so fantastic, was that George spent an hour and fifteen minutes here on the set. So we were able to just maximize the dialogue.” He was really kind and generous with his time.
Drew claims that Clooney served as her “therapist” and that he was overly cautious about her.

Well, it’s fun because I saw George like two nights later at his and Amal’s amazing Clooney Foundation benefit and we were talking to each other and he was like, “I liked when I played your therapist.” I lay down on the floor and, you know, he was doctor George and I feel like George is the kind of person who also doesn’t have a wall up and I don’t have a wall up.
But Drew adds that when it comes to romantic relationships, George and Amal set a good example.

She says, “I think it’s fantastic dating advise for all of us to take a look at him and the way that he kind of held out for the right one.” George is the type of person that sincerely hopes for the best for everyone.

I think he’s the man who says “No, no” to bad behavior, neglect, or nutty antics, but he’s also the one who’s the most likely to pull a joke. Because [he is] both cunning and delectable, he represents a person who is heading in the right direction, like the wise person he has always been. He is morally grounded and has a firm grasp on right and evil without being devoid of playful mischief. The sum of his parts is greater than the whole.

At the same time, Drew used her time with George to ask the most important question. Was it George’s idea to discontinue being a bachelor? Or did Amal completely alter his opinion of being single?
The conclusion was “a no-brainer” with an Amal, she says. And he told me some shocking details about their court and the precautions they continue to take to maintain their romantic relationship to this day. This is the kind of old-fashioned love that lasts through marriage and motherhood, and it’s something I think many of us have lost sight of.

The actor’s friend Drew thinks Amal is a fantastic match.

I think they’re such an amazing couple because they’re going to share with the world what is inside of them and they’re going to make the world a better place,” she tells Entertainment Tonight. “And if you also meet somebody who ignites the fires already burned deep inside of you it’s like, enter Amal Clooney, who, you know, is this major, litigious, brilliant, intelligent, worldly activist.