“Sister Wives”: Kody Admits He is in “Denial” Over Christine’s Split as He Attempts to “Delay” Her Departure!

On the October 16 episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown and Christine Brown talked again. In this conversation, they talked about when it would be best to break the news to their youngest daughter, Truly Brown, that her parents were divorcing and Christine was relocating from Arizona to Utah. Christine said,

“I want Truly to know Kody and I are still a team, therefore I want us to tell her jointly.” For example: “She has had acquaintances whose parents were divorced, and it was extremely unpleasant and a lot of arguing, and I don’t want her to believe it’s going to be like that for her.”

Christine had already made up her mind when she posted on Instagram in November 2021 that she was no longer with Kody. She told Kody that she had begun the process of moving out of the house. Kody said that she had “rushed” into the decision. It’s hostile, he said.

I really think she’s trying to backstab me with this. She had plenty of time to open up to me about our relationship, but she chose not to. And now she’s just handed me this, and it appears hastily written. Since she first told me she intended to go, she has been packing her bags.

Christine emphasized, though, that the reality has been just the reverse. She insisted, “It hasn’t been a rush for me, but maybe it has for you.” To make room for you, I have been moving at a glacial pace. If I were honest with myself, I would have told Truly months ago, and I would have made the move this summer.

So that she wouldn’t upset Kody, Christine decided to wait to tell Truly about what had happened. She explained, “We need to be a team and progress forward as a team, therefore I want to play nice and I want to play fair.”

Soon after, Truly overheard a phone call between Christine and her daughter Mykelti in which the subject of relocation came up. Christine had no choice but to explain the issue to Truly.

The conversation was off-camera for obvious reasons, but Christine filled the audience in on the details afterward. The expression of sadness on her little face was vividly recalled by Christine. As the saying goes, “She goes, ‘Are you and dad getting divorced?’ If I had responded,

“Yeah, we’re going to be getting divorced,” Kody would have spent every visit worried about us and hoping against hope that we would reconcile. So I just told her we’re officially separated.

In the meantime, Kody revealed his feelings to Christine and blamed her for turning their children against him. The youngest and most impressionable of his children are particularly important to him, and he has expressed a desire to reconnect with them.

“It’s almost as if there’s a story here. With the line, “Well, dad’s never here anyhow,” she baits Truett. She is guiding Truett in that direction. Christine needs reasons to get away, and I have the impression that she has been setting things up for a long time in order to explain this to her kids.