Top 10 Movies That Will Kill Your Boredom

“Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world”

Jean-Luc Godard

As Jean-Luc described, movies, or as in the past “cinema” made it possible to create imaginative possibilities for the entertainment of people. Books alike, create a fictional world for people to delve into, away from the norm. Movies have been the favorite pastime for many when people need a pastime or are bored. It was there in the form of cinemas before and now on our screens and anywhere we want. A great way to kill time is by watching something. While many people watch movies as hobbies too.

Everyone has their taste and preferences when it comes to watching movies. There are various genres available for the audience to pick from and watch be it action, thriller, rom-com, etc. All you need is a smooth internet connection to stream all the movies you want and what better option than to trust Windstream, one of the most reliable names out there in the market.

In this article, you will know about some of the best movies for you to watch and cure your boredom, and you could be a romanticist or a thriller enthusiast, you are in for a watch to rid yourself of that boredom.

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Palm Springs:

One of the most important factors that bring life to this movie is the excellent choice of the main leads. The charm of Cristin Milioti and Andy Samberg makes this movie a great watch. They play the characters of Nyles and Sarah. The plot revolves around two guests at a Palm Springs wedding who wind up trapped in a time loop. The excellent chemistry between the actors and a touch of physics will have your boredom gone in an instant. This movie is available for the audience to watch on Hulu.

Uncut Gems:

This movie displays one of the best characters played by Adam Sandler ever! The plot revolves around a criminal who deals in gems. His personality is very vast and he has a serious weakness, that being gambling. His most recent wager involves an uncut opal gemstone. This risky deal has him end up on an extremely dangerous path. This movie is for the ones who prefer crime thrillers. This movie is available for the audience to watch on Netflix.


The American actor and composer Lin-Manuel Miranda created the musical Hamilton. This is originally a musical, which was performed on Broadway. The whole musical is sung and rapped throughout. The musical, which was written over seven years from 2008 to 2015, portrays the tale of Alexander Hamilton, an American Founding Father. If you are someone who is into musicals then you should give this a watch. It is available for the audience on Disney+.

Dirty Dancing:

The audience will have the best time watching this movie. The leads are Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze. This movie has everything a good rating needs, be it an amazing soundtrack, iconic dance moves, amazing chemistry between the leads, and whatnot. The love of the main lead is resisted by her father, which causes a breach between them. This movie is guaranteed to lift your mood in your pastime. This movie is available for the audience to watch on HBO Max.

Birds of Prey:

The Bird of prey is a story of Margot Robbie’s flawlessly portrayed Harley Quinn from the DC Extended Universe. The story revolves around when she and the bird of prey get together to get into a quarrel with the egotistical Black Mask played by Ewan McGregor. It is guaranteed that there will be no moment of boredom for the audience throughout the movie. This movie will catch your attention and keep you hooked until the very end. This movie is available for the audience to watch on HBO Max.

The Matrix:

Keanu Reeves plays the main character so we can already assume that this movie is not going to disappoint us. The plot of the movie The Matrix is undeniably amazing along with the realistic graphics. The protagonist, Thomas Anderson is a computer programmer who goes by name Neo. He learns that he has been living in a virtual world and is now expected to save humanity. This movie is available for the audience to watch on HBO Max.

Sorry to Bother You:

This movie was by a debutant director, Boot Riley, who did an amazing job with it. The plot of the story revolves around the protagonist, Cassius Green played by LaKeith Stanfield. A Black telemarketer who is all too accustomed to apologizing on phone calls unites the co-workers; he learns how to make things work for himself in terms of professional life while using “white voices”. This movie is available for the audience to watch on Netflix.

The Lovebirds:

This movie is a complete rollercoaster on a completely new level. The story of The Lovebirds revolves around two people, Jibran and Leilani who are on the verge of breaking up. Things take a drastic turn and they are led to believe that they murdered a cyclist. Because of this, they end up fleeing with each other. The couple is caught up in an unexpected murder mystery. Their story will keep you hooked until the very end and you will escape your boredom. This movie is available for the audience to watch on Netflix.

Bend It Like Beckham

Why can’t girls compete in international sports? Well, these two ambitious sets of girls spin it and compete with a mindset like Beckham’s. Everyone said, they would not make it but the girls have their hearts on fire and bullseye on a professional soccer career. What happens? Watch to find out their thrilling story that will fill your mind with a passion to follow your dreams. An oldie from 2002, but it’s worth the watch.

The Lovely Bones

A sad story of a girl who has been murdered is not a new topic of social discussion. But has a strong narrative of the victim. An imperative story, which moves people and the soul. The girl watches over her family from purgatory and keeps an eye on her killer, moving in for more victims to claim. However, she must also resist the temptation to get in touch with her family, so they can heal and she too can move on for the greater good but not before ending the killer’s spree. A movie from 2009, with Saoirse Ronan’s debut roles. A great thriller to watch and end that boredom hike.


If you have some spare time on your hands and you are into watching movies then you should give the above-listed movies a chance. They will kill that boredom bug, and when you’re through these, you can find some more in the narrative to keep you entertained some more.