Queen Has Released a Previously Unknown Song Featuring Freddie Mercury!

Oct. 13 (Reuters) – LONDON On Thursday, Queen released a previously unreleased song that features the late Freddie Mercury. It is the first new Queen song to feature Mercury’s instantly recognizable voice in more than eight years.

Brian May (guitar) and Roger Taylor (drums) first let fans know about “Face It Alone” during a summer interview.

Originally recorded in the late ’80s during sessions for the band’s chart-topping album ‘The Miracle,’ the song was ultimately scrapped before its release.
When working on a November box set edition of the album, the Queen production and archival crew rediscovered it.

Taylor remarked in a statement, “We’d kind of forgotten about this track.” “Nonetheless, this precious diamond had now been revealed. Excellent; I feel like I’ve made a major breakthrough. Clearly written with a great deal of feeling.”
Two years before Mercury’s death from AIDS-related pneumonia in 1991, Queen released their thirteenth studio album, titled “The Miracle.”

Six previously unreleased songs and studio banter between band members Mercury, May, Taylor, and bassist John Deacon will be included in the future reissue, which will be released as an eight-disc collector’s edition box set.

The CD “Queen Forever,” released in 2014, was the final to feature unreleased material by Queen, including three songs that featured Mercury.

That our crew was able to unearth the song “Face It Alone” makes me delighted “May remark.
It’s awesome to hear the four of us back together again after all these years, this time in the studio, finishing up a song we started years ago.”