In a New Tiktok Video, Emily Ratajkowski Appears to Come Out as Bisexual!

Another day goes by, and another proud owner of a green velvet couch comes forward.

Just in time for National Coming Out Day, model and actress Emily Ratajkowski seem to have come out as bisexual in a video she recently posted to her TikTok account, showing the world that she is part of the green velvet couch brigade.

If you didn’t know, one of the newest trends on TikTok is for bi people to proudly show off their green velvet couches, which are more common than you might think.

Emily doesn’t say a word in her video, but she gives the camera a very cheeky look as she shows off her beautiful green velvet couch. She follows in the footsteps of Shy Mitchell, who also took part in the TikTok trend last week and seemed to confirm she was bisexual after years of being open about her attraction to women.

Despite the widespread speculation that Ratajkowski is dating Oscar-winning actor and film legend Brad Pitt, Ratajkowski’s admirers had a field day in the TikTok comments area.

W for the girls, a commentator penned.

Another person commented, “I simply adore it that so many star ladies are coming out.

Well done, Emily! Likewise, welcome to the clan! (Can you let us crash on your couch soon?)