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Amanda Seyfried Wants the Dropout to Have a Second Season!

Have you seen enough about con artists on high-end TV? If “no” is your answer, come sit next to Amanda Seyfried. The Dropout on Hulu is over, but the actress who played the main con artist,

Elizabeth Holmes wants to keep playing her.
Seyfried told Vanity Fair that she can’t wait to keep playing what she calls “the best role I’ve ever been given.” She went on to say, “It would be another thrill of my life if I could continue it a little bit… I have a lot more to say.”

But The Dropout’s creator and showrunner, Elizabeth Meriwether, seems to be done with the trip. Meriwether said, in response to Seyfried’s comments, “She keeps saying that, and I keep telling her that I won’t be writing a second season! She actually sent me a text message this weekend saying,

“I heard you’re working on a second season.” She’s giving me a little trouble. I’d love to work with her and everyone else on this show again, but I’m done with this story.”

In the eighth and final episode of The Dropout, Holmes’s blood testing company, Theranos, falls apart after a bad report from The Wall Street Journal. Holmes breaks up with Sunny Balwani, her boyfriend and second-in-command, and gets ready to blame him for the company’s failures in the upcoming court case. Holmes wants to move on, but the former lawyer for Theranos reminds her, “You hurt people.”

From how the story ends, it’s clear that Holmes isn’t ready to face this accurate accusation. We see her run out of the building and scream as loud as she can.

Then she calms down, puts on a smile, and gets into an Uber. As Holmes is forced to deal with the consequences of her fraud, there’s more character development and story to be told here. As Seyfried says in her interview, “There’s a Season Two of The Dropout podcast.”

We only get glimpses of Holmes’s legal problems in short clips from her deposition. A second season of the show could go deeper into the courtroom drama and maybe even show what happens to Holmes in the end (she’s been found guilty of fraud and will be sentenced in September).

But will Meriwether come along? Seyfried might be able to convince her with some of that Holmes-like magic. Keep an eye on this space for updates as we learn more.

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