Dan Blocker Cause of Death: What Exactly Happens to Dan Blocker?

The character of Eric “Hoss” Cartwright, which Dan Blocker played on the iconic NBC television Western series “Bonanza,” brought Blocker his greatest fame. In the television series Cimarron City, he played the role of Tiny Budinger from 1958 until 1959.

In addition, Blocker had guest appearances in episodes of the television series Colt.45, Wagon Train, Have Gun – Will Travel, The Thin Man, Gunsmoke, Zorro, Maverick, The Restless Gun, The Bob Newhart Show, The Red Skelton Hour, and a number of other shows.

In 1970, he was presented with the Western Heritage Award for Fictional Television Drama for his work on the show Bonanza.

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The Acting Career That Made Dan Blocker Famous Began in the Late 1950s

Blocker soon went to college in 1953 where he got a master’s degree in the theatrical arts. He decided to stay in Texas and eventually found work as a teacher. Later, he moved to New Mexico and then California, where he remained a teacher.

dan blocker cause of death

The restless gun, sheriff of Cochise, the rifleman, cimarron city, zorro, Jefferson drum, and wagon train were only a few of the western dramas of the late 1950s in which he appeared.

He had a cameo in the 1958 episode of Richard Diamond, Private Detective. In 1959, he had guest appearances on both The Troubleshooters (on NBC) and The Rebel (on ABC), two westerns (1959).

Death and Personal Life of Dan Blocker

According to public knowledge, Blocker met his future wife, Dolphin Parker, at Sul Ross State University. They raised a brood of four kids, two of which are identical twins who went on to work in showbiz. He also backed political candidates Pat Brown and Eugene J. McCarthy.

Two of his homes were in Los Angeles, one in Inglewood and the other a 6,000-square-foot mansion in Hancock Park. He was also an avid vehicle collector and enthusiast who had a collection that included a 1965 Chevrolet Chevelle and a 1965 Huffaker Genie MK10 race car.

Blocker passed dead from a pulmonary embolism in 1972, shortly after having surgery to remove his gall bladder. The writers of “Bonanza” made frequent allusions to his death during the course of the show’s final season. Along with his parents and sister, he rests in De Kalb’s Woodmen Cemetery.

What Caused Dan Blocker’s Death?

The life of the actor, who was only 43 years old when he passed away unexpectedly, was cut short. What ultimately led to Dan Blocker’s passing at such a little age? His death was the result of problems that arose after he underwent cholecystectomy, which is surgery to remove the gallbladder.

During this time, he was continuing to film for the show Bonanza, which was already on its 13th season at the time.

As a result of his passing, his absence was keenly felt not just by the show but also by its viewers, and the series was canceled after a single additional season, bringing the total number of episodes to 14.

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The producers of the program have made the decision to deal with Dan Blocker’s passing on the show by producing an episode that would pay tribute to him and serve as a “farewell” to his character.

Dan Blocker was laid to rest in the Woodmen Cemetery in his hometown of De Kalb, Texas, which also served as the location of his family plot.

His mother, father, and sister were all buried next to him when he was laid to rest by his family. Dan had a wonderful family and an incredibly successful profession, despite the fact that he passed away at such a young age. He had had a very full life.

In Bonanza, How Did They Justify the Decision to Kill Off Hoss?

The producers of the show decided to give Hoss a noble passing by having him sacrifice himself to save a woman from drowning. After his passing, the show’s viewership figures continued to decrease, which was a direct result of the mourning fans’ negative reaction to his passing.

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Because of this, the authors of the renowned show decided to stop it with season 14, which was also its final season.


What Was Hoss Cartwright’s Age at Death?

Dan Blocker, who played Hoss Cartwright, the show’s emotional center, for 13 seasons of Bonanza (1959) before his untimely death at the age of 43 in 1972, is rightfully considered one of television’s great immortals.

Did Michael Landon and Dan Blocker Get Along?

Dan’s friendship with Lorne Greene and Michael Landon blossomed throughout his time on set. He felt very much at home with his fictional TV relatives. Throughout the season, they worked closely together and frequently socialized outside of the studio.

How Tall and How Much Did Dan Blocker Weigh?

Blocker, at 6’4″ and 300 pounds, was an excellent fit for Hoss’s cowboy boots and ten-gallon hat, but he also added warmth and empathy to the role that served to anchor the show.

Final Lines

Dan Blocker played Eric “Hoss” Cartwright on the NBC television Western series “Bonanza”. He also appeared in episodes of Colt.45, Wagon Train, Gunsmoke, Zorro, Maverick, The Restless Gun, and Red Skelton Hour. His death was the result of problems that arose after he underwent a cholecystectomy.

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The producers of the show Bonanza are producing an episode to pay tribute to him and say “farewell” to him.

Dan Blocker played Hoss Cartwright, the show’s emotional center, for 13 seasons of Bonanza (1959) before his untimely death at the age of 43 in 1972. Blocker, at 6’4 and 300 pounds, was an excellent fit for Hoss’s cowboy boots and a ten-gallon hat.

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