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Richard Madden Dating Gemma Chan: There is Some Mystery Around Richard Madden and Gemma Chan’s First Encounter!

Richard Madden hails from Scotland. The role of Robb Stark in the HBO fantasy series “Game of Thrones” propelled Richard Madden to the forefront of the entertainment industry on a global scale.

Thereafter, he became a main cast member on the television shows “Medici” and “Bodyguard,” the latter of which earned him a Golden Globe Award. On the big screen, Madden has been in a number of critically acclaimed films, including “Cinderella,” “Rocketman,” “1917,” and “Eternals.”

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Biography of Gemma Chan

Gemma Chan is one of the most successful personalities in the world, and she is very well-liked by people of all ages. Her performance is absolutely stunning, much like her appearance, and she has many devoted followers. Gemma is noted for being versatile and capable of doing a wide variety of tasks.

Both he and she are quite accomplished actors, and she also does voiceover work. She appeared in the film Captain Marvel alongside Brie Larson. In the most recent installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe film series, “Eternals,” she also made an appearance. Gemma may have been born in the United Kingdom, but she also has a past in China.

There is Some Mystery Around Richard Madden and Gemma Chan’s First Encounter

Madden speculated that the pair had met through common friends before “falling in” with one another.

richard madden dating gemma chan

Both lifelong friends and co-stars in Marvel’s “Eternals,” an epic tale of an ancient race of powerful creatures who fight against outside interference in human affairs, play lovers in the film.

Director Chloé Zhao had a hard time finding an actor to play Ikaris’s romantic counterpart, Sersi, after casting Madden in the role. Ikaris is a Superman-like hero with super strength and laser vision.

It’s important to me to cast as many actual people as possible,” the filmmaker has said. “So many women’s stories had been written about Sersi, yet we still couldn’t choose. Richard continues, “You should read my friend, Gemma Chan. We’ve grown really close to one another. In order to get Gemma comfortable reading not only with Richard but also on her own, we brought her indoors. We both said simultaneously, “Oh my God, that’s our Sersi.” Suddenly, Sersi appeared, and everyone recognized her.”

Despite playing a different MCU character, Minn-Erva, in 2019’s “Captain Marvel,” Chan was nonetheless cast in this role.

The real-life connection between Sersi, an empathetic hero with the potential to change matter, and Ikaris made it easy for the performers to embody their 5,000-year-long love affair.

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“I think the two of them having a decade of life together, and then to come in and be playing these complex lovers who both had the weight of the world on their shoulders and yet still managed to find love with each other — I’m very grateful for the time they had in real life because I’m sure they brought that with them in ways that I could never predict,” said Zhao.

The Times recently spoke with Madden and Chan about their experiences working with Zhao, their ideal superhero crossovers, and their decision to join the MCU at this time.

Richard Madden and Gemma Chan: Boyfriend and Girlfriend?

The two stars, dressed formally for the Eternals premiere in Rome, strolled the red carpet. Chan looked stunning in a black dress and crimson lipstick. Madden, 35, looked dapper in his black silk suit and shiny patent leather shoes. Both of them were stunning in their attire.

Richard and Gemma both showed up at a photocall for Eternals in Rome, both wearing white t-shirts and cream-colored skirts. Fans’ assumptions that they are romantically related are unfounded, despite their obvious chemistry off-screen.
A devoted follower once declared, “Gemma Chan and Richard Madden are gods.” Added tweeter: “The chemistry between Richard Madden and Gemma Chan is amazing.”

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Not romantically connected in the real world, the duo has been friends for nearly a decade. Chan questioned how one could keep in touch normally over a period of a thousand years. The silver lining is that my friend Richard and I have known each other for nearly ten years.

Exhaustive Analysis of Richard Madden’s Sexual Past

Richard Madden  Dated Jenna Coleman

As a result of Victoria, has anyone else become completely preoccupied with Jenna? Identical, to a large extent. From 2012 to 2015, she and Richard were in an on-again, off-again relationship during which they maintained a high level of secrecy.

richard madden dating gemma chan

But! And Richard did talk to Vulture about his time spent with Jenna on the set of Doctor Who, adding,

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“I mean, I’ve watched Doctor Who since I was a kid. It was fantastic, and it still is. It’s something I can nerd out over, like when I visit the set and see the TARDIS. As usual, I was messaging my dad a bunch of selfies I’d taken. “I’m here in the Time and Relative Dimension in Space ship!” Absolutely amazing; I thought it was the greatest thing ever.

I have no idea what caused them to break up, but I now ship them retroactively.

Richard Madden Dated Laura Whitmore

An insider told The Sun that Richard and TV host Laura Whitmore met through their mutual links to the cast of “Game of Thrones,” specifically Kit Harington. She has been gushing to her pals about how wonderful her new love life is. The two of them obviously have strong feelings for one another, even at this early stage.

richard madden dating gemma chan

There is genuine energy between them, and Richard can’t help but think their relationship has great potential. He’s been the one doing most of the courting, but it seems like they’re both seriously interested.

Laura and Richard were allegedly a “keen” couple, but their busy schedules led to their separation in August of that year.


Why Richard Madden Left Game of Thrones?

Madden said he learned a lot from his three seasons on “Game of Thrones” and struggled to say goodbye to his close co-stars because of the show’s demanding schedule and production schedule. Sadness overwhelmed me as I said goodbye to my loved ones. In fact, I was more attached to my on-screen mom than to my real-life mom.

How About Dr. Richard Madden?

Madden attended Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology. He trained in family medicine and got his M.D. at the University of New Mexico. If you’re looking for a family doctor, look no further than Dr. Madden.

What is Richard Madden Doing?

Starring alongside Priyanka Chopra and Stanley Tucci, Richard’s latest project is the upcoming Amazon Prime spy series Citadel. Deadline states that the show has been called “an action-packed spy story with a fascinating emotional foundation.”

Final Lines

Richard Madden and Gemma Chan co-starred in Marvel’s “Eternals”. They play lovers in the film. Madden speculated that the pair met through common friends. Chan played a different MCU character, Minn-Erva, in 2019’s “Captain Marvel”. Richard Madden and Gemma Chan joined the cast of Eternals.

Their chemistry off-screen is undeniable. Madden and Chan are not romantically connected in the real world, but fans assume that’s because they’re friends on-screen.

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