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Nick Cannon Girlfriend: Bre Tiesi Asserts That She and Nick Cannon Continue to Enjoy a ‘wonderful Relationship’!

Nick has been successful in the worlds of television, film, radio, and business. Nick earns about $5 million a year as a host on numerous television shows. Nick’s famously big family is well-known. As of this writing, he is the proud parent of seven kids from four different women, including a set of twins with diva Mariah Carey.

He is currently expecting his eighth child with his fifth partner.

He was raised at the Bay Vista Housing Projects in Lincoln Park. Cannon fled the Lincoln Park Bloods street gang after the death of a close friend when he was a teenager. As early as age 8, he was performing, and by age 11, he was doing stand-up comedy on his father’s local cable access television show.

Cannon received his diploma from Monte Vista High in 1998.

Biography of Bre Tiesi

Famous for being the ex-wife of former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel and for looking like Megan Fox, Tiesi is an American actress, model, and social media personality. As of the year 2022, the Bre Tiesi had a net worth of around $1 million. Alexis, the model’s younger sister, allegedly is a choreographer and dancer who lives and works in Chicago.

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Located in the Santa Monica area of Los Angeles County, Agoura High School was where Tiesi received her secondary education. She won Little Miss Hawaiian Tropic when she was quite young because of her enthusiasm for the modeling industry.

Bre Tiesi Claims She and Nick Cannon Still Share a ‘great Relationship’

Bre Tiesi, Nick Cannon’s model girlfriend and the mother of his seventh kid, has revealed she and the rapper enjoy a “wonderful connection.”

The model explained her definition of her connection with the “Masked Singer” presenter during an appearance on E! News Daily Pop with host Justin Sylvester on Tuesday.

nick cannon girlfriend

“I think some people have their image of conventional partnerships and certain things, but we have a great connection [where] everything is so supportive and positive,” she remarked.

As she elaborated, “We’ve actually had a very long history, we’re going on almost a decade.”

Tiesi, who is expecting her first kid, was asked how she was dealing with the news that this was Cannon’s ninth child. She responded by saying that she “supports everything and everyone involved.”

These admitted that, while no relationship is ideal, she had a hard time putting into words how the two worked together. Although she has been married and in relationships with others, she has remarked of Cannon, “I’ve always come back.”

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She responded, “He and I have been on and off for years.” “Because of how much I like and appreciate him as a person, I had to ask myself, “Do I want my son to be this guy?” Take a close look at who you are and how you treat other people. That is what I value most highly above all else. The fact that he takes such good care of me is all I care about.”

Cannon discussed his thoughts on relationships and why he doesn’t think monogamy is “healthy” on the “The Language of Love” podcast last month.

Tiesi said she doesn’t think the mothers of Cannon’s children “exchange notes” or have a group chat because they’re all too wrapped up in their own families.

To which the group responded, “We’re all incredibly supportive and simply respect that.” “Like, ‘That’s your family, this is ours, and [if] you need anything, we’re here,'” he explained.

Cannon has four children: Moroccan and Monroe, now 10 years old, with ex-wife Mariah Carey; Golden, 4, and Powerful, 15 months, with Brittany Bell; and Zillion and Zion, 8 months, with Abby De La Rosa.

The Dating History of Nick Cannon Throughout the Years

Cannon Dated Milian

On the set of Love Don’t Cost a Thing, Cannon and Milian began a relationship. They dated for two years before breaking up in 2005, and the breakup appears to have inspired some of Milian’s most venomous lyrics.

In 2019, the Falling Inn Love actress said she discovered text messages indicating Cannon was unfaithful throughout their relationship, prompting them to break up. On an edition of the Power 106 radio show, the Drumline actor responded to his ex-charge girlfriend by stating, “I don’t believe I did anything wrong.”

Cannon Dated Kim Kardashian

The founder of The Kims dated Cannon briefly before the show’s meteoric rise in popularity. They dated after she broke up with Ray J in 2006, and Cannon said of the reality star to Howard Stern in 2012 that she is “one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.”


In 2022, How Many Children Will Nick Cannon Have?

Exactly how many children does Nick Cannon have? In late September of 2022, Cannon and his partner Brittany Bell welcomed their eleventh kid. But now Cannon has nine children.

Does Nick Cannon Provide Child Support?

With the birth of his third child with Lanisha Cole, Nick Cannon will owe an estimated $3 million year in child support. On Thursday, September 15, Nick Cannon and his wife, Onyx Ice model LaNisha Cole, welcomed their ninth child together; Onyx Ice is the youngest of Nick Cannon’s nine children.

Do Nick Cannon’s Parents Have a Lot of Money?

Since Nick Cannon did not come from affluence, his life narrative may be more compelling than any other celebrity’s. Nick’s paternal grandparents took him in when his parents split up and raised him. James left the family when he was young, so he spent his childhood in a harsh neighborhood and public housing.

Final Lines

Bre Tiesi says she and Nick Cannon have a “wonderful connection”. She is expecting her first child with the rapper. Cannon is expecting his seventh child with his ex-wife Mariah Carey.

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