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“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Kandi Burruss Net Worth!

Any and all fans of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” please respond. Fans of the show know they’ll get an inside look at Atlanta’s upper crust as well as enough drama and shadiness to fill the Lone Star State. And once Season 2 rolled around, fans couldn’t get enough of Kandi Burruss. Kandi has been a sensation since her days in Xscape, and her new show will highlight not only her stardom but also her expertise in the business.

For those who can’t get enough of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi and the Gang, the newest spinoff series, promises to deliver more of the same, including drama, humorous shade, and professional knowledge. Fans can’t wait to see how things play out, especially since Kandi has been killing it in the business world both on and off the RHOA.

And because Kandi always seems to be accumulating coins, curious viewers want to learn more about her wealth. Find out how much money Kandi Burruss has now. This is what we know.

Early Life of Kandi

Burruss was born on May 17, 1976, in East Point, Georgia, to Reverend Titus Burruss Jr. and Joyce Jones; she is 45 years old. Burruss is the granddaughter of bishops, hence she comes from a pious family.

Kandi Burruss Net Worth

There is just one sibling in her family. Her older brother Patrick Riley was killed in a car accident when he was just 22 years old. Patrick was born in 1968. It helped Burruss get through her grief if she pretended he was still at school and not dead. (2)

Since she was little, her musical ability has been recognized. She established her talent way back when she was little. She claimed that even as a youngster, the seed of an entrepreneurial spirit was planted in her, and she made it a point to always have some cash on hand. When she was a kid, she didn’t come from a wealthy home.

She and her mother share a close bond, and they often spend time together touring affluent areas and mansions in a car.

Kandi Burruss’s Career Highlights

In high school, Kandi and some of her friends formed the band Xscape, which had its big debut at Teen Summit that same year. Ian Burke, a record executive, was brought to the attention of the girls and ultimately became their manager. American record producer Jermaine Dupri took notice of the rising star that was Xscape and swiftly signed them to his label, So So Def Recordings.

After years of arguing and pointing fingers at one another, the members of Xscape finally called it quits in 2007. In short order, Kandi moved her focus to production and songwriting. Together with Kevin Briggs, she penned three 1999 smash hits: “No Scrubs,” “Bills, Bills,” and “There You Go.

Relationship Status of Kandi Burruss

In 2014, Kandi wed Todd Tucker, a former co-star on her show The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Ace Wells Tucker is the couple’s son. Jaela Tucker, the daughter from Tucker’s first marriage, is now her adopted daughter. Their son and two stepdaughters now make Atlanta their home.

She has a child with her ex-boyfriend Russell Spencer; his name is Riley Burruss. After dating Ashley Jewell for a short time in 2009, she decided to propose. During the altercation, Jewell suffered severe brain trauma that ultimately proved fatal.

Kandi Burruss Family Life, With a Husband and Children

She recently tied the knot with Todd Tucker, the show’s producer. Ace Tucker Jr. is the couple’s offspring.

With her ex-boyfriend Russell, she has a daughter named Riley Burruss, and she is also the stepmother of Tucker’s daughter, Kaela.

Who or What Caused Kandi Burruss’s Fiance’s Death?

Trauma to the Head, A.J. Jewell was killed in a fight outside an Atlanta strip club and later died from his head injuries. Kandi Burruss’s fiance, Ashley “A.J.”

Jewell was killed early Saturday morning in Atlanta after a fight outside a strip club. Burruss is a star of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and a Grammy-winning composer.

Real Estate of Kandi Burruss

It cost Kandi $250,000 in 2002 to purchase her first house in Georgia. She got the same asking price in 2017 that she did in 2016. She spent $512,000 on a palatial Atlanta home in 2012.

This seven-bedroom house is over seven thousand square feet and is now worth at least a million dollars. Soon after moving in, she allegedly spent close to $200,000 on upgrades.

Net Worth of Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss is worth $30 million as a singer, songwriter, record producer, businesswoman, and TV personality. Xscape was the beginning of Kandi Burruss’s fame. She then embarked on a fruitful career as a songwriter and record producer.

As of the second season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” in 2009, Burruss had been a regular cast member.


Is There Any Chance That Aj and Kandi May Get Back Together?

Formerly engaged to Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss is Ashley Jewell, aka AJ. After a fight in 2009, he tragically lost his life. Burruss once said, “I am crushed by the loss of A.J.” in a statement, as reported by E! Online.

In What Manner Did a.j. Jewell Perish?

Police say A.J. Jewell was killed in a confrontation with another man in October outside of a strip club in Atlanta. The police have detained Fredrick Richardson on suspicion of voluntary manslaughter.

Can Anyone Identify Kim’s Grandfather?

Kim’s opulent lifestyle before Kroy was funded by Big Poppa, whose real name is Lee Najjar, a successful real estate manager. At various points in the first two seasons of the show, Lee bought her a Range Rover, a townhouse, and dozens of other pricey presents.

Final Lines

Kandi Burruss is worth $30 million as a singer, songwriter, record producer, businesswoman, and TV personality.

Burruss was a regular cast member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” from 2009-2013. She has also worked as a songwriter and record producer.

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