LA’s Finest Season 3 Release Date: Why Did Netflix Cancel This Show?

Season 3 of LA’s Finest could be the most-anticipated show that will air this year. There is about the same amount of comedy and action. The fact that there are two female leads makes it even more fun and interesting. Gabrielle Union, Jessica Alba, and Jessica Alvarez are all amazing at everything they do. They seem to like their jobs very much. It is worth your time to watch the show. All of the comedy, action, and gut-punching are well-timed.

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Is Season 3 of LA’s Finest Coming Soon?

On May 19, 2019, Spectrum originals launched LA’s Finest. Season one was so successful that the production had to begin filming season two on September 9. After the second season, the show was canceled. However, it did not cease. Season 3 of LA’s Finest has not yet been released. We shall have to wait and see what the future holds. The first season of LA’s Finest is currently accessible on Netflix.

LA’s Finest Season 3 Storyline

In Season 3 of LA’s Finest, there is a female cop universe that is like Will Smith’s “Bad Boys.” Sydney Burnett used to work for the DEA, but now she is a detective for the Los Angeles Police Department. Last seen, she was following a drug cartel.

la's finest season 3

With more cases coming up, she is now working with Nancy McKenna, a single mother who is also intimidated by Sydney’s life. Looks aren’t always what they seem to be. There could be a scary secret behind it. The most deadly crimes in Los Angeles are over.

LA’s Finest Season 3 Renewal Status

Even though the episodes of LA’s Finest were shown on Fox and Netflix, this could be a hint from the producers that Season 3 of LA’s Finest will be available on these services in the future.

la's finest season 3

Due to the fact that we don’t know when the show will air or if it will air at all, we have to face the sad fact that it may never air. We’re also never sure what will happen because the trailer hasn’t come out in over a year.

LA’s Finest Season 3 Release Date

The Show was officially canceled on October 14, 2020. There won’t be a third season of LA’s Finest. The ending of the second season has upset fans. We can see Syd and Nancy’s automobile exploding shortly after the burial. It is clearly obvious that another vehicle is monitoring the explosion. This could be the enigmatic one who wants Syd and Nancy to perish.

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Unfortunately, there is no third season of LA’s Finest planned. Unless another network or platform wants to take over the show and provide us with the answers we require. Fans must understand that the TV show is coming to an end with a mystery.

LA’s Finest Season 3 Cast

Here’s LA’s FInest Season 3 Cast Name and Characters.

  • Gabrielle Union is a Special Agent/Detective Lieutenant Sydney Burnett
  • Jessica Alba plays Detective Nancy McKenna
  • Duane Martin and Ben Baines
  • Zach Gilford plays Ben Walker
  • Ryan McPartlin is Patrick McKenna’s assistant district attorney
  • Sophie Reynolds portrays Isabel “Izzy”, McKenna
  • Ernie Hudson as Joseph Vaughn

LA’s Finest Season 3 Trailer Update


Why Did Netflix Cancel La’s Finest?

It may be tied to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Given that the show’s protagonists were two police officers, it seemed insensitive to screen it during huge protests against police brutality. This may have contributed to the show’s cancellation.

What Happened to Dante in La’s Finest?

Dante was wounded and arrested during his final robbery.

He never revealed the identity of his accomplice/get-away driver. Then, Nancy joined the Navy. And shortly after Dante was released from jail, he received a call instructing him to go to Nancy’s apartment.

Why Did Nancy and Patrick Break Up?

The previous season was traumatic for both of them, but especially for Sydney, whose best friend Jen was ruthlessly killed. Izzie, Nancy’s almost-lost stepdaughter, was stolen. Nevertheless, she was able to save herself time, although this strained her relationship with Patrick.


The story of two bad cops who are women is very interesting. In a way that shows how brave ordinary women can be. The story is good, but it has some parts that some people might find offensive. Many articles say that “Black Lives Matter” protests caused Season 2 to come out a little later than the first season, in 2020.

Even after thinking about all the controversy and different things that could happen if something went wrong, the person who made it didn’t really feel afraid.

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