How Much American Actor Kelly Rizzo Net Worth?

As the popular show’s host, she has gained widespread recognition. She has more than 150k followers on Instagram and is therefore an influencer in the medium. In 2017, she was crowned “Travel Queen” by Modern Luxury’s Michigan Avenue Magazine.

Her husband, the famous American actor and comedian Bob Saget was discovered dead in a hotel room, making her a public figure. The loss of Kelly’s husband is alleged to have left her devastated.

The Early Life of Kelly Rizzo

Kelly Rizzo will be 43 years old in 2022, having entered this world on May 19, 1979. She comes from a stable Christian household in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She firmly adheres to her Christian faith and is American by birth.

Kelly Rizzo net worth

She graduated from a high school in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States and so concluded her primary and secondary education. After that, she went on to earn her journalism degree from the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa, USA.

She studied Italian, film, and media at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She had dreamed of making it big as an American celebrity ever since she was a kid.

Carrer of Kelly Rizzo

Kelly Rizzo values family and has done much of what she has done in life to honor her parents’ legacy.

As soon as this stunning young lady finished school, she took over the family business and ran it for over a decade.

However, the status quo didn’t last forever.

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After 15 years, Kelly decided to give it her all and pursue her true calling.
After that, she changed forever, and Eat Travel Rock was born.

This superstar not only blogs but also presents the radio show Rocking Right Now.

Also, you may catch this blogger as a guest expert on food, travel, and lifestyle programs on ABC and VH1. When Michigan Avenue Magazine offered Kelly the chance to be named 2017’s Travel Queen, she took it.
We know it’s too soon to say for sure, but with all the attention Rizzo is getting, we can’t help but think that acting and modeling are in her near future.

We anticipate this happening soon and will keep you updated.

She had a role in Florida Georgia Line’s “Get Your Shine On” music video.

Rizzo Kelly’s Husband

In 2018, Kelly Rizzo and Bob Saget tied the knot. Kelly told the Chicago Tribune, “I focus on wedding planning about 60 seconds a day,” adding, “It’s just not really my thing and Bob has been far more on top of it than I have,” which was both surprising and pleasant to hear.

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But I’m thinking that from here on out, I’ll only devote about five to ten minutes a day to wedding preparations and the rest of my time to promoting “Eat Travel Rock.” In the past, Bob was married to Sherri Kramer from 1982 to 1977.

Facts/trivia of Kelly Rizzo

  • Kelly Rizzo enjoys exploring new places and listening to music during her free time.
  • She has a wide palate and enjoys trying new restaurants and foods.
  • Kelly can frequently be observed drinking at public gatherings. [5] Instagram: Kelly Rizzo

  • She has a solid grasp of three tongues, including Italian and Spanish in addition to English.
  • Kelly enjoys getting tattoos and has a number of them on her body.

Real Estate and Assets of Kelly Rizzo

Kelley Rizzo has dabbled in the property market. In 2005, she worked for Rizzo Realty Group as vice president. Because of this, she must own multiple buildings in both Chicago and Los Angeles. But Kelly has never shared any information about her assets with her fans.

As a result, information about the properties she owns must be handled with caution. She has various pieces of extremely high-priced clothing and jewelry in her collection.

Networth of Kelly Rizzo

Originally from the United States, Kelly Rizzo now resides in Canada. Kelly Rizzo will be a multi-millionaire by the year 2022. She has become well-known due to her blog, which is appropriately titled Eat, Travel, and Rock. In addition, she is well-known for her role as host of the hit radio program Rocking Right Now.

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She is also well-known as the doting wife of Hollywood star Bob Saget. She’s a famous American starlet, up there with the best of them. The release of her music video Gets Your Shine On catapulted her to fame.


How Many Years Does Kelly Rizzo Have on Bob Saget?

The age difference between the blogger and the late comic was 23, but that was of no concern to either of them. Discover what helps you.

Who is the Ex-husband of Kelly Rizzo?

In the United States of America, comedian, actor, and TV host Robert Lane Saget was a household name. Saget starred with Danny Tanner on the ABC comedy Full from 1987 to 1995 and returned to the role for the Netflix sequel Fuller House.

Where Exactly Does Kelly Rizzo Call Home These Days?

Rizzo just moved to Hollywood and said that the change “helps me to curate a lot of ‘Bob things’ that are around me that remind me of him.” She described the incorporation of Saget’s mementos into her new home as “comforting” and “therapeutic.” In 2018, the couple tied the knot.

Final Lines

Originally from the United States, Kelly Rizzo now resides in Canada. She has become well-known due to her blog, which is appropriately titled Eat, Travel, and Rock. The doting wife of Hollywood star Bob Saget, she’s also famous for her role as host of the radio program Rocking Right Now.

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