Christopher Knight Net Worth: How Much Net Worth Has He Accumulated During His Lifetime?

Christopher Knight is a businessman and an actor from the United States. Knight is best known for playing Peter Brady on the 1970s TV show “The Brady Bunch.” Since then, he has become one of the most successful businessmen. In the 2000s, he did some TV shows that brought him back into the public eye.

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Early Life of Christopher Knight

Christopher Knight was born on November 7, 1957, in New York City. His full name is Christopher Anton Knight. His mother, Wilma, was Jewish, and his father, Edward, who was an actor, was born in Austria-Hungary to parents with the last name Kozumplik. Christopher has three siblings: David, Mark, and Lisa.

When he was three years old, his family moved to Los Angeles. His father tried to get Christopher and Mark auditions so they could earn money for college. Knight finished high school at El Camino Real Charter in 1975. He then went to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where he joined the Sigma Chi fraternity.

Personal Life of Christopher Knight

From 1989 to 1992, Christopher was married to Julie Schulman. From 1995 to 2000, he was married to Toni Erickson. He asked Adrianne Curry to marry him on the season finale of “My Fair Brady” in 2005. They got married on May 29, 2006, in Adrianne’s hometown of Joliet, Illinois.

Christopher Knight net worth

Knight and Curry, who are 24 years apart in age, were on an episode of “Dr. Phil” in 2007 that was about couples with big age differences. Christopher and Adrianne got a divorce in early 2012, and on November 5, 2016, Knight married Cara Knight.

Net Worth of Christopher Knight

Christopher Knight is a well-known actor all over the world, but not many people know that he is also a very successful business owner. In fact, he is much more successful as a business owner than he is as an actor.

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Christopher Knight, an American actor, is the best actor in the world. Several online sources, including Wikipedia, Forbes, and IMDB, say that the most famous American actor Christopher Knight is worth about $20 million.

Professional Life of Christopher Knight

His family relocated to Los Angeles when he was just three years old. By the time Knight reached 7, he had already starred in advertisements for major brands including Toyota, Tide, and Cheerios. The television series Gunsmoke and Mannix both cast him in recurring roles.

In 1969, Knight’s dark appearance helped him get the lead part in what would become one of the most popular television series of all time: ‘The Brady Bunch.’ He was cast as Peter Brady, the middle Brady brother. A total of 117 episodes were broadcast between September 1969 and August 1974.

Christopher Knight  net worth

It took him over a decade following the cancellation of “The Brady Bunch” to finally break into the computer sector by taking a sales manager position in 1988. Within his first year on the job, he closed the company’s first $1 million deal. In 1989, he was promoted to the position of vice president of Martel, Inc.

A few years later, Knight co-founded Visual Software, an industry-changing 3D graphics software company. In 1995, Knight started the company that would become Kidwise Learningware. He started his second firm, Eskape Labs, in 1998; Hauppauge Computer Works bought it in 2000.

Awards and Recognition

Knight has been nominated for three TV Land Awards for “The Brady Bunch.” He won the Pop Culture Award in 2007, and he was also nominated for Favorite Dual-Role Character in 2003 and Favorite Singing Siblings in 2004. (2005).

Christopher was nominated for a CableACE Award for Performance in a Comedy Special at the 1993 MTV Movie Awards. This was in 1994.

Favorite Quotes from Christopher Knight 

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of and there are even beneficial traits associated with the condition. Most importantly, acknowledge yourself for who you are, and if you’re struggling with anything resembling ADD get professionally diagnosed.” – Christopher Knight

“One of the hardest aspects of this protracted public persona is not knowing others as well as they feel they know me. It’s a rather clumsy feeling actually; to not know someone who acts as though you’re old friends.” – Christopher Knight

“Television is much better crafted today than in the 70s. The content is less positive, but I’m one of those that feel our entertainment reflects our world, it’s not a driver – art imitates life.” – Christopher Knight


Christopher Knight is an American actor who is best known for playing Peter Brady on “The Brady Bunch,” a popular sitcom from the 1970s.

He stopped watching TV for a few years so he could focus on his business. In the early 2000s, he went back to TV and appeared on several reality shows, including his own hit show, “My Fair Brady.”