Peyton List Boyfriend : Find Out With Whom Disney Channel Star is Dating?

Aside from her role as Jessie on the Disney Channel, young actress Peyton List has also guest-starred in fan-favorite works like Gossip Girl, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Valley Girl, and more. Fans of the Netflix show Cobra Kai are probably wondering: Who is Peyton List dating now that she has a starring role?

Peyton List, 24 years old, is famous for her role as Tory Nichols in the popular TV series Cobra Kai. But she has had a rich personal life in addition to her acting career.

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Read on to find out more about the men in her life.

Throughout her life, Peyton List has dated a couple of well-known actors. The actress’s past relationships are detailed below.

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Who Exactly is Peyton List Dating?

Peyton dated Cameron Monaghan (Shameless, Gotham) in 2017–2019, who is also an actor. Their first encounter was on the set of the low-budget indie film Anthem of a Teenage Prophet, where they quickly became close. In 2019, Peyton and Cameron broke up in private.

Peyton List Boyfriend

Cameron deleted a tweet in which he mentioned his ex-girlfriend, but it resurfaced in early 2019.

“This seems like a good time as any to tweet this to you, @PeytonList. Our second day as a dating couple was captured on camera on the set of Anthem. It was obvious that I was head over heels in love. We appreciate the nearly incredible year and a half we’ve spent together.

Wishing you the best and loving you always, “, Cameron said, which was taken by many viewers as a formal announcement of the couple’s split.

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Peyton answered the question “Who is your favorite Cobra Kai character?” in a May 14, 2021 TikTok video. Reluctantly, Peyton said, “Hawk. Personally, I love the Cobra Kai series and Hawk is my favorite character.”

Jacob Bertrand, who plays Hawk, is rumored to be her new boyfriend and co-star. Fans speculated that Jacob was in the room with her when she responded to the video by repeatedly giving the camera the side eye.

The Long-rumored Relationship Between Peyton and Jacob is Out in the Open.

Looks like everyone knows now! At the Los Angeles International Airport, Peyton and Jacob were overheard telling TMZ that they’ve been dating “for a while.” “Jacob said,” “No one I’ve ever worked with has ever been on a date with me. It’s like being put to the test in a fire.”

What’s more, “We have known each other for quite some time. It was when I was around the age of 15 that I first met her. My closest friend at the time was her brother Spencer, so it was a bit awkward when I told him, “Hey man, I like your sister.”

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However, we did enjoy our time together on and off the set.” It appears that the fans who have been speculating about a romantic relationship between Peyton and Jacob since the year 2021 were correct in their assumptions.

In March, the two made their red carpet debut at the Critics’ Choice Awards. They then went to a party called Celebrate Vanities: A Night for Young Hollywood, hosted by Vanity Fair and BACARD Rum.

Peyton was so pleased with the photos of them together that she posted them on Instagram.

Cobra Kai, starring Peyton (and Jacob! ), is now available to stream on Netflix.

Final lines

Peyton dated Cameron Monaghan (Shameless, Gotham) in 2017–2019. Their first encounter was on the set of Anthem of a Teenage Prophet. Peyton answered the question “Who is your favorite Cobra Kai character?” in a May 14, 2021 TikTok video.

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To Whom Does Peyton List is Dated?

She has had only one high-profile relationship in her lifetime. The actress dated Cameron Monaghan, star of the show Shameless, for almost two years, from 2017 until they broke up in January of 2019.

Is It True That Peyton List is a Mother of Twins?

On April 6, 1998, List was born. Her twin brother Spencer and her younger brother Phoenix are both actors.

When Did Peyton List Stop Acting?

Peyton List is an American actress and model who was born on August 8, 1986. She is best known for her roles on Mad Men, Flash-forward, The Tomorrow People, and Frequency.