The Tourist Ending: Is Jamie Dornan in the Tourist Killed Off at the Film’s Climax?

The Tourist Ending, An exciting new BBC One series set in the harsh Australian outback, premiered on January 1. While episodes air weekly on BBC One, the entire series is available on BBC iPlayer for on-demand viewing.

Many viewers will have probably guessed that the denouement, while answering many questions, also raises a few more. Detailed information is provided below.

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Can We Expect a Second Season of “The Tourist?”

While it’s possible that Elliot does pass away from the overdose, we don’t know for sure, and it’s possible that we never will. We have no problem with this show being a one-time event. Some stories benefit from this format, and although things were getting tough for Elliot, at least he was able to muster a final grin for the burrito emoji.

On the other hand, Harry and Jack Williams, the show’s creators, recently discussed the possibility of a second season with The Radio Times (known for their work on shows like Baptiste, Liar, and The Missing in the past).

the tourist ending

It’s likely that Elliott would still be alive if there were a second season of The Tourist, as Jamie Dornan would once again be playing the lead role. But then again, there are more than enough interesting side characters here to move the plot forward even if we had to do without The Man.

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Absolutely no one wouldn’t want to see more of Danielle MacDonald as Helen if she were given that opportunity. If Harry and Jack Williams are as enthusiastic about making a second season of The Tourist as they claim to be, we may still get another amazing season despite the loss of Jamie Dornan.

Just How Did Jamie Dornan’s Character Get to Australia?

Further inquiry reveals that Jamie Dornan’s enigmatic figure was a thief named Elliot. Who worked for the notorious crime lord Kosta. Elliot, on the other hand, fell in love with Kosta’s girlfriend Luci and fled to Australia with Luci and $1 million of Kosta’s money.

the tourist ending

Kosta locates them and deploys his minions to deal with them, but the two are forewarned because one of them is Elliot’s friend. During a subsequent struggle, Luci and Kosta are shot, and Elliot flees in his car, setting the situation for the crash that leaves him with amnesia and serves as the series’ core premise.

Who Played Lena in The Tourist?

Lena, the lovely and compassionate woman who kept appearing in Elliot’s memories, is anything but cheerful when they finally meet. In this production, Victoria Haralabidou takes on the role of Lena Pascal.

Lena, one of three women who smuggled heroin into Australia on Elliot’s behalf, was a victim of human trafficking. Elliot had instructed her to smile and act at ease for the purposes of rehearsal, so in his recollections, she appeared kind and caring.

the tourist ending

After the heroin bags exploded in the bellies of the other two women, Elliot had one of his associates surgically remove Lena’s, leaving her with a horrifying wound.

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After the truth has been revealed and Lena has informed Elliot that he must now deal with the repercussions of his bad behavior, she leaves.

Is Jamie Dornan in the Tourist Killed Off at the Film’s Climax?

The rookie cop Helen who had grown close to Elliot now shuns him after learning the truth about him. Elliot, disgusted with himself as well, takes a lethal dose of drugs and alcohol and then collapses to the floor.

Helen eventually comes to terms with accepting Elliot for who he is now rather than who he used to be. Since burritos are Elliot’s “happy place,” she sends him a burrito emoji in a text message.

the tourist ending

The series closes with him smiling at the thought of this message, leaving a lot of room for interpretation. Elliot is almost certainly dead, but the story may easily be continued in a sequel.

What Have People had to Say About the Tourist?

The “neat simplicity of the premise was heightened by the arid desert backdrop,” as it’s Gerard Gilbert put it, is one reason why The Tourist has been warmly received by critics.

The series “may be among the [Williams brothers’] best work yet,” he thinks, and adds that “Dornan was brilliantly cast as the man with no name.”

In conclusion, Gilbert states, “If Channel 4’s absurd recent Close to Me made you want to forget all about amnesia thrillers, The Tourist reminded you why they can also be wonderfully moreish.”

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Both Ed Cumming of The Independent and Lucy Mangan of The Guardian believe that the series “may be [Dornan’s] best work yet” for their respective publications.

To Sum Up

Now that viewers have a full understanding of what happened in The Tourist, they can rewatch all six episodes and find even more nuance and drama in the gripping mystery series.