Into the Night Season 3: Renewed or Cancelled? All Expectations Updated!

In May of 2020, when the Belgian series Into the Night debuted on Netflix, fans were instantly gripped by the apocalyptic drama. Now fans are expecting Into the Night Season 3.

When the sun begins to rise in different parts of the earth and kills any living entity that is exposed to its deadly rays, the passengers on a plane that was supposed to leave for Brussels realize horrifyingly that it was a blessing in disguise.

The passengers, who have been trying to flee the sun at night, finally make it to the underground NATO bunker in the suspenseful season one conclusion with barely seconds to spare.

into the night season 3

Season 2 of the sci-fi show The 100, created by Jason George and based on Jacek Dukaj’s 2015 Polish novel The Old Axolotl, was equally as exciting as the first. The group continues to acclimatize to life in the bunker and must deal with some disturbed NATO soldiers. And it ended on a number of suspenseful dead ends.

Is there a plan to keep the tale going? This is a complete guide to the third season of Into the Night.

Into the Night Season 3: Renewed or Cancelled?

No definitive word has been made on Into the Night’s future as of April 2022. Season two ended on a cliffhanger, therefore we anticipate a renewal.

Despite Netflix’s silence on the subject, we’re still holding out hope for a third season of Into the Night, albeit that choice ultimately rests with the show’s creators.

When Will Into the Night Season 3 Be Available to Watch?

There have been no announcements about Into the Night’s future since the second season’s release in September 2021. Sorry about that.

into the night season 3

The good news is that the writers have plans for further episodes since season two ended on a cliffhanger, so perhaps we will get answers to the many concerns we were left with following the ending.

The first season premiered on Netflix on May 1, 2020, while the second season premiered on September 8, 2021, around 16 months later. If the current schedule holds, Season 3 should (hopefully) be ready for viewers to stream by the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023.

Who Will Be Appearing “Into the Night” Season 3?

The following actors from the main cast are anticipated to make a comeback:

  • The actress Pauline Etienne plays Sylvie Bridgette Dubois.
  • In the part of Mathieu Douek Daniel, actor Laurent Capelluto.
  • Terenzio Matteo Gallo, played by Stefano Cassetti.
  • The actor Mehmet Kurtulus played Ayaz Kobanbay.
  • Laura Djalo is played by Babetida Sajdo.
  • As Richard-Rik-Mertens, Jan Bijvoet.
  • Jakub Kieslowski is played by Ksawery Szlenkier.
  • Horst Baudin is played by Vincent Londez.
  • The actress Alba Gaia plays Ines Melanie Ricci.
  • Osman Azizi is portrayed by Nabil Mallat.
  • The actor Nicholas Alechine plays Dominik Oblongsky.
  • Turkey’s Kivanc Tatlitug is a researcher.

A Look Into the Night, Season 3

In the final episode of Season 2, Rik makes a selfless sacrifice by driving the Russian tanker into his adversaries, clearing a path for the rest of the party to escape in the helicopter while killing most of the NATO and Russian soldiers in the process.

Even though they can refuel the helicopter, the question of where and how they will do it remains. They need to get to Svalbard quickly so they don’t get caught out in the open when the sun comes up so they can rejoin the rest of the gang.

Ayaz, meanwhile, is stranded in the Norwegian seed vault, where he demands justice for Zara (Regina Bikkinina) and Dominik (Nicolas Alechine).

into the night season 3

Upon hearing Markus’ confession, Ayaz shoots him dead. At this very moment, an unknown man enters the bunker, introducing himself as a Turkish scientist who has been hiding out with another group aboard a submarine. Ayaz’s bold decision to start shooting towards the end of the sequence.

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In the end, throughout the second season, Horst and Laura conduct experiments on rats and then let them outside into the sunshine in the hopes that some of them may live. Some of the remaining NATO soldiers make a terrible discovery in the final minutes of the series finale: a rat that has survived, wrapped in a frozen container. The words “Horst did it” are said.

Is There a Season 3 “Into the Night” Trailer?

Sorry, but not quite yet. We have not yet received confirmation that the show will continue. Even after being renewed for a third season, production on it must begin. Enjoy the second season’s official trailer below!

When the official trailer for Season 3 becomes ready, we will post it here.


Into the Night has been met with largely good reviews from critics and viewers alike. Into the Night has a 7.1 out of 10 rating on IMDb. It earns an 88 percent Tomatometer rating and a 76 percent audience approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.