Why is Ari Leaving Home and Away: How Did the Audience React? All Info!

Audiences have been taken aback by Ari Parata’s tragic death on Home and Away. Why is Ari Leaving Home and Away? Many viewers were caught off guard by the actor Rob Kipa-departure Williams from the show after only two seasons.

There’s no denying how dramatic the conclusion was. However, many fans were left wondering what the point of killing off a major character in the show was.

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Where Has Home and Away’s Ari Gone?

At first glance, it appeared that Ari would spend a significant amount of time behind bars. The murder of Chloe’s biological father, Matthew, was something Ari admitted to in order to shield his stepdaughter from harm. During an argument, Chloe accidentally killed her father; nevertheless. Ari was willing to take the blame in order to protect Chloe and her mother Mia from further repercussions.

Why is Ari Leaving Home and Away

When Ari collapsed while on remand in prison, the plot took a surprising turn. He was sent to the emergency room, where doctors first determined that he had appendicitis. When Logan operated on Ari, though, he saw the terrible truth for himself. The unusual cancer Ari was diagnosed with is terminal. An option existed to extend his life, but it required frequent, invasive surgery, which Ari was unwilling to undergo.

After realizing that he didn’t have much time left even with treatment, Ari made the decision to pass away on his own terms. Mia granted Ari’s final wish by organizing a wedding at his bedside. A few hours after marrying Mia in Ari’s hospital room, he died away with his new wife and family by his side.

Expanding On Above

Rob Kipa-Williams had considered leaving Home and Away, but he felt he couldn’t. The rumors that Rob was leaving the show began when it became clear from his Instagram that he was moving back to New Zealand permanently. Actress Sam Frost (Jasmine) also posted a photo of the Parata family in their funeral attire, albeit Ari was noticeably absent. After Ari was given a prison sentence, he was not seen on television for weeks, although being referenced frequently by other characters.

It was speculated by some spectators that this would be his last show. It wasn’t until the death episodes aired in Australia in March that the showrunners admitted that Ari had indeed left. Following Ari’s death, Rob posted a touching Instagram homage to the character and the show, albeit it remained unclear whether he voluntarily left or was fired. “

Why is Ari Leaving Home and Away

Thank you so much, Ariki Wiremu Parata; I’ve learned so much from you.” “I’m going to miss you,” the narrator says. He then made a post after the customary praise for the play’s actors and crew. On the other hand, the actor has already voiced his dissatisfaction with Ari’s development. The year before, he lamented on Instagram that Ari no longer possessed his trademark “grouchy side.” Rob agreed with a fan who claimed they missed Ari.

Stars like Sam Frost (Jasmine) and Harley Bonner (Logan) have left the show recently, and there are rumors that more will follow. Therefore, it’s not clear if Rob was let go as part of a bigger show restructuring or if he was let go for cause.

When Ari Died, How Did the Audience React?

It was an emotionally draining story, and it accomplished its goal. One viewer said, “This episode destroyed my heart” on Rob’s Instagram. The phrase, “I cried my eyes out,” describes my emotional state well. Someone else questioned why he had to leave. Grieving fans often said things such as, “He was the finest,” when asked about their favorite character’s death.

When the show aired a few weeks later in the United Kingdom, the response was the same. One overly dramatic viewer exclaimed, “Ari just died in Home and Away, and I don’t think I’ll ever be happy again.”

Why is Ari Leaving Home and Away

Where did the writers of Home and Away get the idea that it was okay to have Ari killed off? Another user said, “I’m devo, I wasn’t ready for it, and it happened all too fast.”

Even though I’ve seen the scenario on Instagram, I’m not ready for Ari to die on Home and Away,” another added. I’m still trying to process Robbo’s death, to be perfectly honest.

In-Home and Away, What Will Happen to the Parata Family Now That Ari Has Died?

Dramatic new plots typically emerge in soap operas when a big story arc concludes. The loss of Ari will have far-reaching effects on the Paratas. After Ari’s death, Mia hopes the investigation into Matthew’s murder will finally come to a close.

However, because Ari was never convicted of the murder, he will not be formally named as the killer. Despite her relief, she wonders if she and Chloe will ever be able to put this incident in the past.

After losing his uncle, Nikau will have to overcome several obstacles. His social interactions will suffer greatly if he begins to feel isolated by his pal. As a means of channeling their grief into something positive, Dean, Ziggy, and John have decided to launch a crowdfunding effort to help the gym.

Wrap Up

Thank you so much to everyone who has shown their support, both online and off. He thanked “everyone who helps make this thing happen,” including “the cast, crew, camera, directors, production, writing, makeup, art department, and everyone in between.”

Risks were taken on this iconic Ozzie TV show. It was a truly collaborative effort, and I’m pleased to have had a hand in creating Mori cultural storylines that made it to the screen. I’m crossing my fingers this paves the way for more inclusion. I appreciate all your help, Ariki Wiremu Parata. You have my deepest regrets.