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Seattle Zombie Woman TikTok Video: Ticktock Users Assume Marilyn Stanley as She!

The majority of the videos you’ll encounter on TikTok will make you smile. They could be innovative dancing routines or hip lip sync videos. However, occasionally you may run into a video that is unsettling and frightening. In recent months, viral videos such as “Seattle Zombie Woman Tiktok Video” have been all everyone can speak about. Do you recognize her?

Many people are curious as to her true identity after seeing the viral video. No one seems to agree on who the mysterious TikTok Zombie Woman is, despite widespread curiosity. In any case, let’s delve into this subject further.

Ticktock Users Assume Marilyn Stanley is the Zombie Woman

People have been trying to identify the woman in the popular zombie video since it first surfaced. Marilyn Stanley, a 26-year-old from Kentucky, was infamously scalped by her boyfriend, and the story has recently resurfaced.

After Zachary Gross ordered his pitbull to attack the woman, a court in Boone County indicted him for first-degree assault, tampering with physical evidence, and maintaining a vicious dog.

seattle zombie woman tiktok video

Medical professionals informed Marilyn she would never be able to regrow hair on her head after she lost 80% of her scalp and underwent many surgeries to try to restore it.

Zachary was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2017 — two years after the attack — despite showing no remorse in court and blaming everything on his dog.

Tiktok Video of a Woman: Who Appears to Be a Zombie?

At the outset, this story will make very little sense unless you have seen the original video. Let’s quickly recap the video’s plot, shall we? Specifically, it was a clip of a woman aimlessly strolling through the streets that were posted on TikTok. Many people remarked that she resembled a zombie due to her lack of clothing (she was wearing only one shoe) and her appearance (she appeared to be unclean and covered in blood). In the clip, she can be heard screaming as well.

After watching this video, many individuals became quite worried. They had no idea if what they were witnessing was true or if someone was acting. Some viewers in particular made the comparison to The Walking Dead. The video received over six million views on TikTok in less than twenty-four hours after it was uploaded.

seattle zombie woman tiktok video

There was a movie being filmed in Seattle at the same time, leading many to believe the footage was staged. Some thought this woman may have appeared in the KIMI film because of the name of the movie. The plot of the film revolves, in fact, around a worldwide health crisis.

So we can safely assume that this video appears to be authentic. The woman in the video wasn’t faking; she was clearly in a terrible condition. SixTwentySeven first shared the video online. That lady’s name was Ishea Brown Couch. She put it online on May 6 since she had no idea what was happening at the time. The police did end up assisting the woman. In the meantime, TikTok has removed the original video.

TikTok’s Zombie Woman Isn’t Marilyn Stanley, Contrary to Popular Belief

TikTok viewers are sure that the woman in the video is Marilyn Stanley, although this isn’t actually true. Although the zombie woman video became popular in 2021, Marilyn was attacked six years before, in 2015.

This means that although appearing to be identical, the two occurrences aren’t linked in any way.


TikTok videos are discussed almost every week. Videos become viral and make you curious. Many people have made careers with the app because of this. People are interested in your good or poor personality. People are obsessed with the TikTok zombie woman. Let’s recap so you know everything about the zombie woman.

The undead woman looked disoriented and distraught in the video. Many felt she resembled a zombie from The Walking Dead. She was unclean and lacked hair. She was yelling and confused. Video posted on May 6.
Many have wondered if the footage was real. Ishea Brown Couch took the video and said cops arrived shortly after. So, it’s legit. Others say it could have been a Seattle-filmed actress. KIMI.

TikTok users have searched for the person’s identity. Marilyn Stanley was a popular guess, but the timeframe doesn’t match. Users will undoubtedly continue to look for answers online. You can believe the video for now.

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