YNW Melly Net Worth 2022: How He Becomes So Successful in His Life?

He is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter who got famous when he was 15 and put out his first rap album. When YNW released his hit single “Murder on My Mind,” it became a huge hit all over the world. The video for the song now has over 476 million views on YouTube and is certified gold.

He has been in the business since 2017, and now he has more than 5.9 million YouTube subscribers and more than 4 million people who follow him on Instagram. YNW Melly is one of the most popular rappers right now. His hit singles helped him get a lot of attention.

The rapper is also very controversial because he does things that are against the law. He used to live in jail, but now he lives like a big star. So, let’s quickly talk about YNW Melly’s total Net Worth, including his income, earnings, assets, expensive car collections, luxury lifestyle, career, biography, personal investments, and more.

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Quick Info About YNW Melly

Full Name Jamell Maurice Demons
Nickname YNW Melly
Age 23 Years Old
Date Of Birth May 1, 1999
Birth Place Gifford, Florida, United States
Height 5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
Weight 68 kg (150 lbs)
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Marital Status Unmarried


Early Life of YNW Melly

YNW Melly was born on May 1, 1999, in the U.S. city of Gifford. In 2022, he will be 23 years old. His real name is Jamell Maurice Demons, but YNW Melly is the name most people know him by. When he was young and living in Gifford, his first memory is of riding around on the back of his pet dog.



Jamie Demons-King raised him on her own, so he doesn’t know who his real father is. Melly’s mom was in the 14th grade when she got pregnant with him, and she gave birth to him when she was in the 9th grade. He lived with his mom and grandmother when he was growing up. When they moved to a poorer part of Gifford, it was hard for them to pay for a place to live.

Melly did a lot of illegal things as a member of the Bloods gang, which put him in jail a lot. He spent a few months in prison because of his crimes. He got his GED while he was in jail. At age 15, YNW put out his first song on Soundcloud. In 2016, he started going by the stage name YNW Melly, which stands for “Young World Melly.”

What is the Net Worth of YNW Melly?

 According to Record Media, YNW Melly’s net worth in 2022 will be around $ 4 Million US. He is one of the best-paid rising rappers in the U.S., and his hit singles have brought him a lot of attention. Melly makes more than $35,000 a month, which is YNW. He makes money in a lot of different ways, like selling albums, streaming music, and putting on live shows.

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The rapper also makes a lot of money from his YouTube channel, where his songs have been watched by millions of people. He is also a businessman. He has put money into small companies, which has helped his net worth grow a lot in the last few years. YNW Melly makes more than $300,000 a year.

Is YNW Melly Dating Someone Right Now?

He hasn’t dated anyone right now because he’s more interested in music. He is not dating anyone. Sources say, though, that he had one relationship, but they won’t say who it was with.

Professional Life of YNW Melly

In 2017, YNW Melly put out his first project, an extended play called Collect Call. He worked with well-known artists like Lil B and John Wicks on this project. Melly put out a lot of singles the next year, such as “Melly the Menace,” “Slang That Iron,” etc. That single helped him get millions of views, which made YNW even more well-known.


Melly’s first mixtape, I Am You, came out the same year. In January 2019, it was on the Billboard 200. He put out another mixtape in 2019 called “We All Shine.” It had 16 songs. Some well-known rappers, like Kanye West and Fredo Bang, took part in this project.

In March 2019, he put out another album called “Murder on My Mind,” which reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100. Melly vs. Melvin, YNW Melly’s first studio album, hit number 8 on the Billboard 200 and was the highest-charting record at the time. Later, his songs “223’s” and “Suicidal” also brought him a lot of attention (solo or featuring Juice Wrld).

Real Estate of  YNW Melly

Melly owns a lavish mansion and lives a lavish lifestyle similar to that of other famous people. He spent a lot of money on a magnificent home in a posh section of Miami. The mansion is huge and luxurious, complete with a basketball court and a pool. Melly purchased this home when she was only 19 years old, and its current market value is over $2,000,000.

Did You Know?

  • YNW Melly was locked down in jail for shooting near his high school at a group of students.
  • He was arrested in 2018 for having marijuana, and a weapon.


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