Ryan Upchurch Net Worth 2022: Is He Still Married or Dating Someone Right Now?

Ryan Upchurch is a singer, songwriter, rapper, and comedian from the United States with a net worth of $5 million as of 2022. He rose to prominence in the music industry as a hip-hop rapper and multi-talented musician, penning successful songs such as “Cheatham County,” “Ghost,” and “A Little While.”

Ryan Upchurch is without a doubt one of the top names in the rap world. He grew his social media following by releasing amusing films on his YouTube channel, which has millions of subscribers. Ryan has released almost 15 albums in a short amount of time, which is simply incredible.

Aside from that, he was involved in numerous scandals, which we shall discuss in this article. So, without further ado, let’s talk about Ryan Upchurch’s overall net worth, including his income, earnings, assets, car collections, luxurious lifestyle, profession, biography, and, most importantly, how he achieved such incredible success for himself.

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Early Life of Ryan Edward Upchurch

Ryan Edward Upchurch was born in Cheatham County, Tennessee, on May 24, 1991. As a child, he played football and never left his hometown until he was 24 years old. Ryan first heard hip hop when he was eight years old.

ryan upchurch net worth

After listening to country rap for a while, he started performing his songs for the first time while he was still in high school. In 2014, when Ryan was 23 years old, he made a YouTube channel called “Upchurch,” where he and his friend Shade Glover started posting a lot of funny videos.

At the same time, he got more into music and put remixes of popular songs like “Dead or Alive” on his YouTube channel. In just 4 months, he had more than 500,000 subscribers to his channel, and he quickly started to build a name for himself in both comedy and music.

Professional Life of Ryan Edward Upchurch

Ryan Upchurch recorded enough original songs in 2015 to release his first extended play, Cheatham County. The EP peaked at number 29 on the Billboard Country Charts, number 18 on the Rap Charts, and number 7 on the Heatseekers Charts.

Ryan published his debut studio album, Heart of America, in 2016, and it peaked at #5 on the American Heatseekers chart. In the same year, he released his second full-length album, Chicken Willie, which debuted at number one on the US Heatseekers chart. Son of the South, his 2017 album, debuted at #29 with 48,100 copies sold.

ryan upchurch net worth

Ryan signed a distribution deal with Redneck Nation in May of 2017, and over the next four years, he released 12 studio albums and two EPs. Every single one of them has been charted. King of Dixie, his 2017 album, peaked at number 10 on the US Country chart and number 3 on the US Indie chart.

Ryan’s album Creeker came in at number 35 on the Billboard 200, number 5 on the Country Chart, and number 6 on the Rock Chart. Ryan’s album Parachute was also a big hit when it came out on September 24, 2019.

What is the Net Worth of Ryan Upchurch?

As of 2022, it is thought that Ryan Upchurch’s net worth will be around $5 Million US. He is one of the best-paid young rappers and songwriters, and his hit albums have made him famous.

He had already made a lot of money in the music business through things like selling albums, streaming music online, selling merchandise, and his YouTube channel.

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Ryan started his YouTube channel on July 7, 2014. He now has more than 2.9 million subscribers and a good amount of money. Ryan also has a clothing line that makes him a lot of money. Ryan Upchurch gets paid more than $500,000 a year.

Is Ryan Upchurch Dating Someone Right Now?

ryan upchurch net worth

Ryan Upchurch began dating Brianna Vanvleet in 2015. The couple’s relationship was widely known, but they eventually parted. Several problematic stories about Ryan and Brianna have surfaced on the internet during their relationship.

Ryan was later linked to singer Katie Noel, according to rumors. They also collaborated on a few singles, such as Hey Boy, Hey Girl, and others.

Ryan Upchurch’s Loans and Liabilities

Even if Ryan Upchurch has a lot of money, he should also be responsible for paying off some debt. Examples of such obligations would be debts incurred as a result of using credit cards, loans, mortgages, etc. Liabilities will change for Ryan Upchurch as he makes payments and takes on new debt or takes on new loans. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a reliable assessment of his debts and obligations.

Favorite Ryan Upchurch Quotes

“I messed around with it a little bit in high school, but I didn’t really take it seriously. It was that time when a lot of rappers were coming out and every kid wanted to be a rapper. Then I dropped it and I ended up doing construction work and I did not finish high school. I got out and did not know what I really wanted to.” – Upchurch

“They told me that without a record label you will not get far. I told them that it is not true because I have made it to number many times and make it to the 10 just about every time I release a song. I think now I am not being approached because they think I don’t need them.” – Upchurch

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Upchurch Dating Someone Nowadays?

No, Ryan Upchurch is not dating anyone nowadays.

How Tall is Ryan Upchurch?

Ryan Upchurch is 175 cm tall.

What is the Real Name of Ryan Upchurch?

His real name is Ryan Edward Upchurch, he is better known by his stage name Upchurch.


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