Austin Butler Dating History: Dating Stunning Women, Who Are They?

The following is a discussion of Austin Butler Dating History. When it comes to his love life, how much do we really know? Austin Robert Butler, who played Wilke on Switched at Birth, rose from relative obscurity to international stardom. Austin has appeared in a wide variety of media. He began dating three additional stunning women. Learn more about Austin Butler Dating History here.

When discussing some of his most successful films, names like “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” “Yoga Hosers,” “The Dead Don’t Die,” “The Intruders,” etc., are often mentioned. The Bling Bling, The Carrie Diaries, and many more of his TV shows deserve notice. If you’ve found your way to this article, you must be a true Austin fan. Now, next month, Austin Butler will premiere his new film, Elvis. He’ll be taking on the role of Elvis Presley himself. Don’t you feel energized?

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Fans are keen to discover about Austin’s personal life, what with their familiarity with his acclaimed writings. Several famous actresses are mentioned in Austin Butler’s past relationships while discussing the actor’s dating life. Vanessa Hudgens, more than anybody else, must know what it’s like to be dating him. It ended after they had been dating for a few years.

Vanessa Hudgens: Austin and Vanessa broke up after nine years of dating

The former Hannah Montana star’s longest-lasting romance was with Vanessa Hudgens, who is now 33 years old. Stunning couple, who dated for nearly a decade between 2011 and 2020. Before going public with their relationship in 2014, the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star and the High School Musical beauty kept their relationship very private for the first two years. He was once described as Vanessa’s “love of her life” in an Instagram post from 2014.

austin butler dating history

She captioned a photo of the exes wearing matching hats with, “Happy birthday to the man with the kindest heart, lovely spirit, amazing skill, and best looks I’ve ever seen.” Whenever I’m feeling down, he’s the first one to cheer me up and make me feel like I can do anything. God, I praise you so much for giving us the gift of Austin Butler 23 years ago.

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In the first month of 2020, Austin and Vanessa discreetly broke up. Neither has addressed the divorce publicly, but a source reportedly told PEOPLE that “tight work schedules and travel clearly put a strain on the relationship.”

Olivia DeJonge: Austin and Olivia had to turn up the romance on-screen

The 24-year-old Olivia DeJonge reportedly become Austin’s new significant other. A report from MTV News claims that shortly after Elvis’s divorce from Vanessa in 2020, the two were spotted cuddling together at an outdoor movie in Australia.

austin butler dating history

The rumored pairing made a lot of sense, given that Olivia played Priscilla Presley to Austin’s Elvis Presley in a play. According to the Daily Mail, the couple was spotted multiple times between January and November of 2020. One of these sightings was an intimate late-fall beach excursion.

Lily-Rose Depp: She was briefly linked in 2021.

In subsequent sightings, Austin was with Lily-Rose Depp, the well-known 23-year-old daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. In August of 2021, they were caught on camera in London sharing a hot kiss.

austin butler dating history

The racy photo naturally sparked relationship rumors, but Lily-Rose was spotted getting steamy with French rapper Yassine Stein just a few months later, in November, so the rumors never materialized.

Kaia Gerber: The actor was first linked to Kaia Gerber

Kaia Gerber, 20, is the lookalike daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford and the current love interest of Austin. After Kaia’s breakup with Euphoria hottie Jacob Elordi in December 2021, the couple was first rumored to be dating. In fact, they were spotted in 2021, days before Christmas, at LAX airport.

austin butler dating history

The beautiful couple first appeared on the red carpet together in March at W Magazine’s annual Best Performances party, and since then they have been spotted all around Los Angeles looking adorable and cozy together.

Kaia Gerber discussed Austin has caused her to take stock of her own life

So many of us had to take stock of our lives and go inward because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The constant flux of uncertainty, disorder, and illness forced us to ask, “Is my current circumstance benefitting me?” Kaia Gerber was among those of us who resigned en masse and reevaluated our daily lives at this time.

The model was selective in her remarks during an exclusive interview with People on her life during the pandemic, but she did reveal some insight into her shifting viewpoint and relationship with Butler.

Gerber said of the pandemic, “I think it has made me reassess my personal life a lot more.” When you don’t have all these external resources to derive happiness from, where does that inside happiness come from? I believe it’s very essential that people are discovering this.

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The daughter of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber had obviously done some soul-searching, and maybe the blooming of her relationship with Butler was helping to open her mind to new possibilities.

Wrap Up

From his longtime love Vanessa Hudgens to his current leading woman, Austin Butler has had his fair share of high-profile romances, and we’re breaking them down, starting with his longtime love Vanessa Hudgens!