Josh Hutcherson Dating: Relationship History, Career Details!

Articles About Josh Hutcherson Dating History. He was born in Union, Kentucky on a Monday, October 12, 1992, Josh Hutcherson is now 26 years old. Joshua Ryan Hutcherson is his given name, and he turned 29 recently. Those with a birthday on October 12 are Libras. The monkey is his horoscope sign.

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Who is Josh Hutcherson?

Hutcherson, whose real name is Joshua Ryan, is a famous actor in the United States. Hutcherson, a native of Kentucky, began acting in the early 2000s, making cameo appearances in a number of commercials and small roles in films and television shows until obtaining his first major role in the pilot episode of House Blend in 2002.

Josh Hutcherson Dating History

Beginning with Animal Planet’s Miracle Dogs, his cinematic career has included roles in The Polar Express (motion capture) and Howl’s Moving Castle (voice-over) (2005).

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At the tender age of nine, he began his acting career with guest appearances on the pilot episode of House Blend and an episode of ER. He received four Young Artist Award nominations and took home two.

Who is Josh Hutcherson Dating at the Moment?

Our data suggest that the American actor, who is 29 years old, is currently single. With regards to his private life, Josh Hutcherson keeps a low profile and doesn’t talk much about it. Josh might be secretly seeing someone, even if he isn’t officially seeing anyone. Therefore, it is not wise to draw any hasty judgments.

Conflicting reports make it impossible to know for sure who Josh Hutcherson is dating or was dating in the past. Our dating statistics and information come from a wide variety of online resources, including and other publicly available data.

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Maintaining current and accurate dating resources is a priority for us. In July of 2022, we added the latest date-related news and data to this page. Please drop us a line if you have any updated information about Josh Hutcherson’s love life.

Who Has Been Josh Hutcherson’s Girlfriend and Dating History?

What exactly happened in Josh Hutcherson’s former relationships and with whom is unknown. It’s not hard to figure out who Josh is seeing at any one time, but keeping tabs on all of his affairs can be a hassle. Surprisingly secluded celebrity lives continue to confound us in the year 2022.

Josh Hutcherson Dating History

There were at least eight women who dated Josh Hutcherson. The man is childless. For the record, Josh Hutcherson is currently single. For the record, Josh Hutcherson’s exes include Claudia Traisac (2013), Vanessa Hudgens (2011), Lanchen Mihalic (2009), and Rochella Danishei (2009-2011), Victoria Justice (2008-2009), and Shannon Marie Wada (2003 – 2006).

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Around 40% of males declare “I love you” to their spouse within the first month, while the average for men is 90 days and the average for women is 134 days, according to surveys. Josh Hutcherson has been linked to Chloe Bridges (2012) and Francia Raisa (2012).

Kristen Stewart:

When Josh was a kid, he met Kristen Stewart on the set of Zathura: A Space Adventure, and ever since then, he’s had a massive crush on her. She considers him more of a younger brother because of how much younger he is than Kristen.

Shannon Wada:

She’s a singer and actress who’s made a name for herself in New York with the play Fallback. Josh’s first long-term girlfriend was Shannon Wada, whom he began dating in 2003. They hooked up at an early age when neither was ready for a committed relationship. Once together for three years, the couple finally called it quits in 2006.

Victoria Justice :

Josh Hutcherson met his future wife, Victoria Justice while filming The Hunger Games in 2008. Later, after a year [in 2009], they broke up and were never seen together again.

Rochelle Danishes:

She’s a famous singer there. She dated Josh for two years, from 2009 to 2011.

Lanchen Mihalic

In 2009, the public appearances of these two made headlines. They went on a motorcycle date where they rode and eventually made out with Josh Hutcherson.

Josh Hutcherson Dating History

After a year of trying to “manage personal and professional life together on the set,” they called it quits and said they were better off apart.

Vanessa Hudgens

It was widely believed that Josh and Vanessa were dating after meeting on the set of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island in 2011. The two revealed their relationship’s secrecy in an interview conducted on the set of The Mysterious Island 2. After a little moment of silence, one of them said, “we’re friends now and that was very long ago.”

Claudia Traisac

After working together on the 2014 film Escobar: Paradise Lost, Josh and Claudia begin dating. After two years of silence, in late 2016, Josh finally gave an interview in which he confirmed their connection. With the comment “What a gorgeous Foto, Classic Beauty,” Josh shared a photo of Claudia on his Instagram account.

A number of sightings of them together have occurred recently. On their overseas vacation, Josh and Claudia shared meals and displayed affection for one another. They made a trip to LA Perla Gallery for some holiday shopping that November.