Jennette Mccurdy Relationship : Present Status, Relationship History Info!

Is the primary breadwinner for her family while also struggling with anorexia and being eccentric and snarky on stage. Jennette McCurdy is the name of that powerful woman. Jennette’s career in Hollywood began when she was just six years old. Her acting career took off after she appeared as Sam Puckett on the Nickelodeon sitcom iCarly. Now question is, what about the Jennette Mccurdy Relationship history?

She took a break from acting and is now successful in those fields in addition to writing and directing. Although Jennette’s career decline was widely reported, her personal relationships were not. Several men claimed to have dated her, and they all had fascinating tales to tell.

Who Jennette Mccurdy’s Boyfriend is?

New Orleans native Graham Patrick Martin plays Eldridge McElroy in “Two and a Half Men” on CBS. His most recent work, “Catch-22,” follows a USAAF airman who doesn’t want to go on bombing missions but is unable to avoid them since he is “sane to go to war because you don’t want to do it.” Graham portrayed Ivor Orr opposite Christian Abbott and George Clooney.

It has been said that Graham and McCurdy dated before their “iCarly” meeting. This connection existed between 2004 and 2008, roughly. The couple never shared details of their relationship with the public.

jennette mccurdy relationship

The fact that Graham was featured with McCurdy in an episode of “iCarly” in 2009 is even more intriguing. It happened only a year after they had supposedly broken up. Nonetheless, they handled themselves like adults and appeared to be on “excellent terms” during the show.

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Nothing more has been said about their previous life together since then. Graham reportedly hooked up with a new woman named Ginny Gardner. It’s the status of their relationship that they’re comfortable discussing openly with their followers.

Max Ehrich and Jennette Mccurdy

And just when you thought Jannette’s love life was over after Graham Martin, another man enters the picture. Max Ehrich now appears. On “iCarly” in 2010, he and Jannette were co-hosts.

Fans can only assume what happened because Max was in the same show. Fans noticed that McCurdy, who was rumored to have dated Max, may now be dating Miranda Cosgrove, Jannette’s best friend and co-star on “iCarly.”

jennette mccurdy relationship

Max Ehrich eventually put an end to the notion when he tweeted (before deleting it) that he and Jannette were and will always be friends. He then sat down with Veronica Dunne to discuss the news in detail.

The two fell in love with their shared appreciation for music, particularly musical theatre. Veronica claimed in issue J-14 that Max’s voice left her shaking with awe. It’s a tragedy that this “musical love story” ended in July 2017 after only three years on stage.

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Once his business with Veronica was complete, he began an informal relationship with Sommer Ray. They were an incognito couple who stayed together for a short while.

Jennette Mccurdy and Paul Glasner

Maybe Jennette McCurdy’s romantic experiences up to this point have occurred when she and her alleged boyfriend (if you can call him that) were in the same area at the same time. In the following scenario, Graham and Max only dispute the motivation for Jannette McCurdy’s relationship with Paul Glasner.

When Jennette was 18, Paul was 31, and their age difference was obvious, they were met with criticism. She told Vulture that she and Paul had “a wonderful friendship” in the past. After meeting on the previous season of “iCarly,” the media was flooded with photographs of her and Paul together.

jennette mccurdy relationship

The news of her mother’s latest breast cancer event sparked her narrative with Paul. The best course of action, she concluded, was to invest her affection in another person. Paul Glaser was the recipient of that show of love. Jannette continued by saying that the reason she dated Paul Glaser, the “true tale,” was unknown to the general public. Jennette’s life became intolerable due to those factors.

Jannette was mourning her mother’s loss, which is something fans and social media nerds should be aware of. Jennette’s mother’s health had not improved significantly since she began dating Paul. Jannette gave in and recognized that her situation was exactly how it should be. Facing her mother’s death head-on, she severed relations with Paul Glaser.

Relationship With Nba Player Andre Drummond

Let’s skip over this long chapter of her resiliency tale and go on to the next one. The three men Jennette “allegedly” dated had all met Jannette through the show “iCarly.” You’re jumping the gun if you think she’ll finally find love with another actor.

She went out with Andre Drummond, an NBA player for the Brooklyn Nets at the time. This was one of the most well-reported relationships of her life. Maybe sometime after Jennette and Paul Glaser broke up.

Andre was the one who suggested they “should” start dating. Andre declared Jannette to be his Instagram challenge infatuation. Both were completely unrestrained in their displays of love for one another.

jennette mccurdy relationship

Elite Daily reports that Jennette expressed her feelings for the then-28-year-old center in a Wall Street Journal column. In that diary entry, she told Andre that he isn’t playing around. They had been communicating online for some time before finally meeting in person.

She admitted on the program that the first kiss she shared with Andre lacked any romance. Apparently, “that was an impulsive reaction,” as stated by Elite Daily. Jennette added that he had a strange-looking and unhealthy mouth.

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The ending was a bummer because both characters, especially Jennette, were subtly criticizing each other. Andre Drummond responded to Jennette’s attempts at reprimand by saying he thought them hilarious. Furthermore, Drummond shared a video on his social media in which he admits to having made mistakes in the past and vows to learn from them.

Remade With New Boyfriend, Jesse Carere

After her unsavory fling with Andre Drummond, she came to terms with the fact that she belonged in the theatre world and made the necessary changes to her lifestyle. Keeping this in mind, she decided to pursue a romantic relationship with another man working there named Jesse Carere.

jennette mccurdy relationship

It’s not from the “iCarly” series. The two of them met on the TV show “Between.” Jesse played Adam, Jennette’s on-screen fiance, which is an unexpected twist.


Jennette McCurdy sent Jesse a sweet birthday message in 2016, the last time we saw or heard from this pair. They had a quick romance, but in the end, they broke up. The reason for their split was unknown to us, unfortunately.

For the time being, it seems safe to assume that Jennette is pleased with her status as a single adult. To date, that is all we have learned.