“The Tower of God” Season 2 Release Date: Cast Plot Info!

SIU’s anime series Tower of God, commonly known as Kami no Tou, is a dark fantasy tale. The plot is based on a South Korean manhwa serial. Tower of God Season 2, what are its updates?

Erika Yoshida wrote the scripts, while Takashi Sano directed the show. The show’s producer was Joseph Chou. The anime aired from April through June of 2020. The first season included 13 episodes, and we want to keep that number for season two.

Tower of God Season 2

IMDb has given anime a 7.7/10 for its 7.7-out-of-10 IMDb rating, a testament to the show’s popularity among its target demographic. Because of this, “Tower of God” is now one of the sequels people look forward to the most.

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Despite waiting for over a year for word on the future of the series, fans are still hoping for further content from the anime. Here’s all we know thus far about ‘Tower of God’s forthcoming second season.

When and Who Will Return for the Second Season of ‘Tower of God’?

“Tower of God’s” second season will welcome back the following actors and actresses.

  • Wraithraiser, portrayed by David Rudd as Matthew Rak.
  • Johny Yong Bosch portrays Bam.
  • Chris Hackney portrays Khun Aguero Agnes.
  • Cherami Leigh portrays Anaak Jahad, the protagonist of the film.
  • Rachel is portrayed by Valerie Rose Lohman in the film.
  • Lero Ro is played by Trent Mills.
  • Shibisu is played by Scott Whyte.
  • Headon is portrayed by Hochu Otsuka in this film.
  • Kazuyuki Okitsu portrays the role of Evan Edroch.
  • Shibisu is played by Takuya Eguchi in this film.
  • Hatz is played by Toshinari Fukamachi.
  • Endorsi Jahad (Jeannie Tirado)
  • Serena (Christina Valenzuela)
  • Yuri Jahad (Kira Buckland)
  • Kyle McCarley portrays the role of Evan Edroch (also known as Kyle McCarley).

Season 2 of Tower of God’s Storyline

Twenty-Fifth, Bam, the protagonist of “Tower of God,” is a newborn at the start of the novel. To be fair, he’s a young man with an unusual name. Bam is a Korean term that means “Night,” but it also has a spiritual connotation of becoming a Messiah in the Korean context.

The plot revolves around a man named Bam, whose life revolves around the Tower and his best friend, Rachael.

Tower of God Season 2

Bam was nearly nonexistent when Rachael entered the Tower. Bam is now prepared to do whatever it takes to see Rachael again, even if it means putting his life on the line.

As he progresses in the Tower, he meets a number of new companions who help him achieve the objective he had set for himself.

Jue Viole Grace and Ja Wangnan will be introduced in the following season, as well as the revelation of what happened to Bam, Khun, Rak Wraithraiser, and Rachael, who is everyone’s favorite bad girl, in the previous season.

Season 2 of Tower of God Will Have How Many Episodes?

The overall number of episodes in the Tower of God anime has been a source of controversy. The first season of the anime aired from April 1st, 2020, to June 24th, 2020, with thirteen episodes.

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To generate another six seasons’ worth of Tower of God, there is not enough content. If the first season is a hit, the production firm may order future seasons based on our estimates, which put the number of episodes in the second season anywhere between 12 and 15.

Season 2 of “The Tower of God” Will Premiere When?

The first season of “Tower of God” concluded in August 2020. Crunchyroll has not yet declared a release date for the program’s second season, nor has it confirmed whether or not the show will be renewed for a second season.

Tower of God Season 2

Crunchyroll, on the other hand, has not canceled the show. It’s possible that a second season may be made in the future. If Crunchyroll is presently working on the second season of ‘Tower of God,’ we may expect it to be released on August 22, 2022.

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Then then, this is just speculation at this point, so don’t hold your breath.


It’s all yours if you make it to the top. Everything on this planet is located at the very top of the tower, and you have the opportunity to take it all. You can rise to the level of godhood.

Rachel, the girl who climbed the tower so she could view the stars, and Bam, the lad who wanted nothing but her, are the subject of this narrative.