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Who is Wilbur Soot Dating? Is She Nihachu German Youtuber? All Updates

Wilbur Soot (actual name Will Gold) is an English YouTuber and Twitch streamer. Soot focuses on gaming video, and he is fairly popular, with 1.42 million followers on YouTube and close to 500K followers on Twitch.

Previously, Wilbur led and edited the YouTube group SootHouse as its leader and editor. The channel of this band boasts 1.2 million subscribers, however, they haven’t uploaded anything in over a year.

Who is Wilbur Soot Dating? Nikita ‘Niki’ Nihachu is a German YouTuber and Twitch broadcaster recognised for her simple talking and gaming videos. She has almost 100K followers on Twitch and 38.4K subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel.

Biography of Wilbur Soot

Wilbur Soot is a British online celebrity, Twitch streamer, and singer-songwriter who operates under the alias Will Gold. In 2017, he became well-known for his work as the editor-in-chief and co-founder of the YouTube comedy channel SootHouse, on which he frequently appeared.

who is wilbur soot dating

Wilbur Soot, his own YouTube channel, debuted on March 29th, 2019. In January 2018, Gold released his debut single, “The ‘Nice Guy’ Ballad.” His sixth song, “Your New Boyfriend,” peaked at number 65 on the UK Singles Chart. An indie rock band from the United Kingdom, Lovejoy also counts gold as one of its members.

Wilbur Soot YouTube career

Soot rose to notoriety as an editor for the YouTube group channel SootHouse, which he and his pals founded. A great deal of the content on the channel was based on user reactions, with individuals discussing everything from memes to life hacks.

Wilbur Soot, his primary channel, debuted on March 29th, 2019. The channel focuses on video games, with the most popular being the 2011 sandbox game Minecraft. As of September 2021, Gold had over 4 million followers on Twitch, making him the network’s 37th most popular channel.

who is wilbur soot dating

In the year 2020, Gold joined the Dream SMP Minecraft server, which is hosted by the eponymous YouTuber Dream and focused on roleplaying. While there, he founded the fictional nation of L’Manberg and rose to prominence as the server’s primary storyteller.

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In addition to the MC Championships and Minecraft Monday, Gold has competed in a number of other Minecraft events.

WFM Alexandra Botez and her sister Andrea arranged the chess competition BlockChamps in January 2021, and Gold was one of eight participants. GeorgeNotFound, a fellow Twitch streamer and YouTuber, defeated Gold in the opening round of the tournament.

Wilbur Soot Musical career

“The ‘Nice Guy’ Ballad,” Gold’s debut song, was released in January of this year. Gold’s sixth song, “Your New Boyfriend,” reached number 65 on the UK Singles Chart when it was released in December 2020. The song also reached places 10 and 100 on the UK Indie Chart and the Irish Singles Chart, respectively.

Gold has also charted on Billboard’s Emerging Artists Chart and Rolling Stone’s Top Breakthrough Chart, among others. He started the indie rock group, Lovejoy, in 2021.

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The band is made up of guitarist and songwriter Joe Goldsmith, drummer Mark Boardman, and bassist Ash Kabosu. The band released their debut EP, Are You Alright? on May 9, 2021. On May 20, 2021, they debuted on Billboard’s Emerging Artists list at position number 10. Pebble Brain, their second EP, was released on October 14, 2021, and reached number 12 on the UK Albums Chart.

Is Wilbur Soot Dating now?

If you’re familiar with the internet, you’ve undoubtedly seen Wilbur, a charming and well-known figure. Fans have theorised that anything is going on between him and Nikki when they started streaming together.

If you search on the internet, you’ll see that Nikki is Wilbur’s girlfriend, according to the tabloid. Because we all know how rumours work, it becomes incredibly difficult to discern between actual news and rumours. Thickening rather than thinning is the characteristic of anything that spreads.

who is wilbur soot dating

Speculations are bizarre in the sense that they defy logic. Following the release of Wilbur’s song Your New Boyfriend in 2020, rumours began to circulate that he is bisexual. He begins by describing his female crush’s new boyfriend’s body, precisely as in the song.

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I am not gay, though,” he says humorously. When he suddenly collaborated with TommyInnit and Vikkstar, Twitter went bananas. The three great gaming titans clashed, driving fans into a frenzy. In this essay, we’ll check at Wilbur Soot’s girlfriend and see if we can identify the difference between fake and real tales involving his lady love.

Who is Wilbur Soot Dating?

Right now Wilbur Soot isn’t dating anyone. When you become a household name, it’s natural for people to want to understand more about you. Those that are more reclusive and want to keep their personal lives secret will be more enthralled by your online activities. One of them is, of course, the dating scene. He has chosen to keep his private life a secret from the public.

Fans appreciated his lovely relationship with his fellow streamer Nikki, hence he was linked to her. Nikki, on the other hand, shattered a lot of hearts when she disclosed that she and Wilbur are just friends. When they were matched on the dating programme Rajjchelor, rumours about the two began to spread

They appear to be little more than friends, Wilbur and Nihachu

Wilbur Soot and Niki Nihachu

The nature of Wilbur and Nihachu’s relationship is somewhat perplexing because the pair hasn’t officially indicated whether they are dating. However, according to one Reddit user, Niki mentioned in her life on 10th June that she and Wilbur are simply friends.

Nihachu recently tweeted that she isn’t sure how she feels about her connection with Wilbur. She tweeted a picture with the accompanying caption, “Nik are u still Wilbur?” “I don’t know Sophie,” Niki said when prompted by a fan for an answer. I’m stumped.

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