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It’s “Sugar” for Shane Mosley’s Divorce Settlement Jin Mosley Beats Shane Mosley to Win the WBC Championship!

“Sugar” Ex-American professional boxer Shane Mosley Among his several world championships, he held the IBF lightweight title, the WBA (Super) and WBC welterweight belts, the WBA (Super), the WBC, and The Ring magazine light middleweight title.

he has also held the titles of lineal champion in light middleweight and welterweight (twice). “Sugar” Shane Mosley’s divorce settlement with Jane Mosley is the subject of this article.

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The Divorce Settlement Shane Mosley Paid Jin Mosley: How Much “Sugar”

In two media appearances in 2015, Shane Mosley claimed that his ex-wife was a bigamist, and a jury on Friday ordered him to pay her $75,000 in damages for libel.

Before deciding to side with Jin Mosley, the Los Angeles Superior Court panel deliberated for a half-hour.

An out-of-court argument made by the fighter stated that his ex-wife Jin Mosley’s divorce from her first husband was finalized in 2006, rather than 2002, as she had previously asserted. The Mosleys wed in 2002.

shane mosley divorce settlement

Public relations specialists working on his behalf put out derogatory tweets in his name, even though they weren’t included in his ex-defamation wife’s charges. The boxer insisted that he had no say in the substance of the tweets.

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According to Mosley, she (his ex-wife) is aware of this. On the other hand, Jin Mosley claimed that the boxer had in fact posted them on his Twitter account.

‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley’s Belts Were Given to His Ex-wife

Sugar Shane Mosley has agreed to a divorce deal in which his ex-wife Jin Mosley would get all three of their championship titles, including their WBC, WBA, and IBF championships.

“Sugar” Shane, despite the embarrassment of losing his belts to his ex-wife, will be able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle even after their divorce.

The couple struck a divorce settlement in accordance with California’s community property rules, which imply that any assets earned during the marriage are community property.

shane mosley divorce settlement

After a divorce in California, all of the property is divided equitably. Everything from credit card points to a person’s salary might be considered a form of an asset.

Videotape sales from fights between November 2002 and around February 2009, when Jin filed for divorce, will have to be returned to Mosley. Jin received 427,205 AMEX points after the two had racked up 854,410 AMEX points on their credit card.

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Fortunately for Shane, all proceeds from his post-divorce fights with Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather, and Antonio Margarito video and DVD sales will go to him.

The agreement says that Jin, Jin’s ex-wife, shall retain custody and administration of three championship belts for each of the three minor children of the respective parties. Every 18-year-old receives a belt.

The Divorce of “Sugar” Shane Mosley: What Was the Reason?

Boxer Shane Mosley claims he was never legally married and is seeking to have a $6 million divorce judgment overturned. Shane Mosley, also known as “Sugar,” is suing his imaginary ex-wife for $6 million.

Champion boxer Jin Mosley is demanding help from New York’s courts in showing that he was a bigamist throughout their marriage, and so was not entitled to the $6 million she got in their divorce since they were not legally married.

shane mosley divorce settlement

Jin Mosley, 39, was married to Sanjay Dwivedi, 43, before they were wedded in November 2002, according to court filings. Shane and Jin Mosley were married while it was suspected Jin was already married to someone else. Shane Mosley argues that Jin Mosley’s divorce should be overturned because of their unlawful marriage.

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When she moved into Mosely’s California house and had three of his children, he alleges, she never mentioned Dwivedi. When she told him about her unmarried 5-year-old son, he says he was shocked.


An ex-wife of boxer Sugar Shane Mosley was awarded $75,000 by a jury on Friday for defamation caused by two media interviews he gave last year that suggested she was a bigamist.

After roughly a half-day of deliberation, the Los Angeles Superior Court panel ruled in favor of Jin Mosley, a 41-year-old woman.

Although Jin Mosley claimed her divorce from her first husband was finalized in 2002, the document she provided interviewers with showed that it was actually finalized in 2006, not 2002, as she claimed. Outside the courtroom, the 45-year-old fighter insisted he had done no wrong by speaking truthfully about the document. In 2002, the Mosleys wed.

Mosley responded, “It was true.” In other words, “I didn’t make anything up.”