Joel Osteen Divorce: Is Just Rumor or Real? All New Updates!

Joel Osteen’s dynamic Christian preaching has attracted both his supporters and enemies. It’s taken him most of his career to clear his name and restore his reputation after being associated with a slew of discredited forebears in the world of charismatic televangelism.

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To Becoming a Pastor: Joel Osteen’s Journey

An American pastor, televangelist, and author who is headquartered in Houston, Texas, Joel Osteen, is a 58-year-old man. After following in his father’s footsteps as a preacher, he delivered his first sermon at the age of 19. It was created by his father in 1959 and he presently serves as its senior pastor. As a preacher, he is regarded as one of the wealthiest in the entire world.

The televangelist received a degree in radio and television communications from Euro Roberts University in Oklahoma after graduating from Humble High School in Texas in 1981. While at Lakewood Church, he helped his father develop a television show for the church and dropped out of college to do so.

joel osteen divorce

Joel took the position after his father’s death. The church grew to be one of the largest in the country under his leadership. The congregation began to attract more than 50,000 people each week, including celebrities and well-known figures.

Meanwhile, his television channel has garnered roughly 10 million viewers in the United States and is broadcast in more than 100 countries across the globe. A self-described “prosperity gospel” advocate, Joel has no formal education in religion or theology. The basic idea is that God’s will for “good” Christians is financial success and pleasure.

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For him, “prosperity,” as he put it in an interview, was “being well; having wonderful children; having peace of mind.” It’s not just about the money; I truly feel that God intends for us to achieve greatness. It’s an unconventional approach, but he’s found success with it.

In the Case of Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen

Joel and Victoria Osteen were married in 1987 and have two children together. From a young age, her religious views were very conservative. Her mother taught Sunday school and her father served as a deacon. She and Joel have a wonderful connection. Jonathan Osteen and Alexandria Osteen are their two children.

The couple exemplifies the ideals of a successful marriage. They’ve been married for more than 30 years, and their relationship is still going strong. Their social media postings and updates indicate that they are happy with their life and that happiness will soon be spread across their family.

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Over the years, Victoria has had to deal with controversy, despite her public image as a loving wife and mother. In 2008, she was accused of assaulting a flight attendant in legal action. Despite her innocence, she was not exonerated in the case. In order to punish her for interfering with a crew member, the FAA penalized her $3,000, which resulted in the flight being delayed for two-and-a-half hours.

Are Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen Already Divorcing?

There have been rumors about the Osteens’ connection for years. Despite speculations to the contrary, Victoria has verified that she and Joe are still together. “This is simply another occasion when we get to show people what it’s like when you have two believers in this day and age,” she adds, adding that they’re developing a life together based on trust and communication.

joel osteen divorce

It’s possible that their novel set of regulations for matrimony works in their favor. To quote Joel: “Wives, don’t look nice for everybody else. They’re just there to please me.” Make a good impression on your husband by looking your best as well.

As Victoria said, “Don’t wear the same old bathrobe you’ve been wearing for the past ten years.” “I think he meant it. That ‘Hey, you know what?’ was something we all needed to be reminded of. I agree that we’ll need to spend some more effort on this.

What Led to the Rumors of a Divorce?

Rumors of Joel Osteen’s divorce began in a blog post titled “Let Go of the Ashes” in 2014. he wrote: “The adversary wants you to dwell on the ashes your whole life, suffering from an unresolved love….” There is a time and place for everything. If you’ve been through a divorce, put it behind you and move on. “God has a future companion in store for you.”

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Some conservative Christians are offended by his statements, as they do not believe in divorce. Those who know him believe that he may not be happy with his marriage to Victoria. This, however, is not the case. Their social media profiles show how they remain united in the face of controversy, including Joel’s complaint that he earned $4.4 million from the COVID-19 fund, as can be seen by looking at their posts.


As long as they’re just rumors, they’re just rumors. For a solid relationship like that between Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen, the rumor may never be confirmed. It was up to time to tell!