The Ultimate Cowboy Season 3- Everything You Need to Know

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It Comes Down to These Three.

Yellowtail, Jamon, Coy

Who will win the Ultimate Cowboy Showdown? The three finalists go head to head once and for all. One will return home with the title of “Ultimate Cowboy,” and win a crowd of dairy cattle worth $50,000, an Arrowquip Q-Catch Cattle Chute and Heeler Portable Corral, a brand new clasp, and the pride of realizing he did the best that he can with it and dominated the competition.

They are the best of the best. Lead hands. Furthermore, any of them is qualified and meriting the honor. Yet, in this last test, even the littlest error can mean the contrast between winning everything and returning home with nothing.

The competitors come from the whole way across the country. Texas is where most cattle rustlers are from. A couple of different states incorporate New Mexico, Montana, and even Oregon.

The Ultimate Cowboy Season 3


S03 E01 · The Ultimate Cowboy: Conquering the West

In the bone-chilling heaps of Wyoming, 14 cattle rustlers clash in the first of numerous exhausting difficulties; alongside two master judges, Trace Adkins assesses their exhibitions and concludes which cowpoke will be quick to return home.

S03 E02 · Leading the Pack

Thirteen cowpokes endeavor to fight 60 wild ponies, drive them down a misleading mountain and burden a select gathering into a trailer; with the assistance of master judges, Trace Adkins concludes which cattle rustler will be wiped out straight away.

S03 E03 · A Storm Is Coming

Amidst a fierce windstorm, an exhausting farm multi-stage sprint tests the skill, coarseness, and endurance of the 12 leftover cowpokes; with the assistance of two master judges, down-home music symbol Trace Adkins concludes who will send the package.

S03 E04 · City Slicker Showdown

In a city-slicker test, the excess 11 ranchers should show previous expert football players Vernon Davis and Glenn Gronkowski how to be cowhands on a steers drive; Trace Adkins and his master judges conclude which cattle rustler is wiped out.

S03 E05 · Grit on the Open Range

The tension hit the four leftover cattle rustlers hard, and Zane committed his most memorable error of the opposition, in the cow roping challenge! However, others didn’t passage much better while tending dairy cattle. Eventually, Trace settled on a difficult decision, giving one cattle rustler the boot.

S03 E06 · Boiling Point on the Ranch

The leftover eight cowpokes demonstrate they can deal with unpleasant circumstances as they cook an outside rancher feast and tend a group of steers for the time being in the freezing mountains; albeit one cattle rustler taps out, Trace Adkins chooses to dispose of another rancher.

S03 E07 · Tipping the Scales

Everything really revolves around perusing steers as the six excess ranchers move cows around a monster spasm tac-toe board; they sort a heap of dairy cattle that should weigh 15,000 pounds; with the assistance of master judges, Trace Adkins sends one cowpoke home.

S03 E08 · Buffalo Wild

Five cowpokes are left, and host Trace Adkins and his appointed authorities test the ranchers on their independent dairy cattle arranging abilities and assess their capacities to function as a group separating bison from a crowd; eventually, another cattle rustler is sent home.

S03 E09 · Heart of a Champion

With just four excess cowpokes, Trace Adkins and the appointed authorities test the contender’s capacities to flaunt their own ponies and complete an errand on a pony they’ve never seen; eventually, Trace boots a rancher out.

S03 E10 · The Final Drive

Just three cattle rustlers remain; they outrode, outflanked, and outwitted probably the best cowpokes in the country; at nightfall, have Trace Adkins and the master judges will figure out which one of them will win a $50,000 group and a lifetime of gloating freedoms.
The Ultimate Cowboy Season 3


Will There Be a Season 4 of Ultimate Cowboy Showdown?

Extreme Cowboy Showdown” on INSP, facilitated by Trace Adkins, is currently projecting for the fourth season in 2022

Where Can I Watch Ultimate Cowboy Season 3?

Gushing on Roku. Extreme Cowboy Showdown, a western series is accessible to stream now. Watch it on Philo or Frndly TV on your Roku gadget.


Coy Melancon, a 28-year-old cowpoke and a dad of four from Hull, Texas, is the champ for the third time in Ultimate Cowboy Showdown, a broadly circulated TV program facilitated by the blue grass music symbol Trace Adkins.