Haunted Season 4 Release Date, Trailer, Cast- Everything You Should Know

Haunted debuted on Netflix in 2018 and has been reliably conveying startling stories that make the hairs on our necks stand up. The retelling of genuine occasions makes certain to cause anybody to turn into an enthusiast of the show particularly with the interest for loathsomeness shows becoming stronger and stronger.

With such a charming reason and another season in progress, might we at any point anticipate one more portion of the series?

Haunted Season 4 Release Date, Trailer, Cast- Everything You Should Know

The series Haunted incorporates a chilling look into the first-individual records from individuals; they have seen startling, unconventional, and uncommon heavenly episodes as well as other unexplained peculiarities that keep on tormenting them.

Number of Haunted Seasons

There are presently three times of Haunted accessible on Netflix, and each season has six episodes that are around 30 minutes in length.

Haunted Season 4 Storyline

As referenced before, the show is a pseudo-narrative show where individuals re-tell their genuine experienced loathsomeness occurrences, and the entertainers picture their occasions on screen. In any case, the show asserts the whole story to be founded on obvious occasions and is re-told by first-individual records.

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Additionally, it stays problematic as many individuals attempted to find the proof and references connected with the old stories however neglected to get any lead many inquiries to the show’s “Actual Story” claims.

Every one of the show’s past seasons had 6 episodes with haunted encounters of various individuals from better places. At this point, there is no authority declaration by the producers, however, whenever delivered, we can expect a sum of 6 episodes of Haunted like the past seasons once more.

Haunted Season 4 Release Date

The show has proactively delivered three seasons, and there is no authority declaration or reestablishment for Haunted Season 4 by the creators. Nonetheless, it has additionally gotten a few horrendous evaluations from the stages like IMDb evaluations with just 4.6 out of 10.

Netflix has previously delivered 3 seasons and assuming it chooses to proceed with this show, we can anticipate the arrival of Haunted Season 4 someplace not long from now or in mid-2023. We will keep you refreshed about any data delivered.

Haunted Season 4 Release Date, Trailer, Cast- Everything You Should Know

Haunted Season 4 Cast

Since it is a pseudo-narrative show, the normal cast for season4 can be as per the following:

  • Vanda Chaloupkova plays Haiden
  • Vojtech Hyzdal plays Haiden’s Father
  • Hana Baronova plays Haiden’s Mother
  • Janek Gregor plays Tommy
  • Natalie Onderkova plays Holly
  • Jan Papirnik plays Austin
  • Johana Vanova plays Goth Girl
  • Jakub Gelnar plays Rough Guy – 1
  • Alexander Becka plays Skater
  • David Navratil plays Rough Guy – 2

Haunted Season 4 Trailer

Since the finish of the third season, there has been no authority articulation from the producers of Netflix about its reestablishment. However it got negative surveys and evaluations from pundits, and it got a decent reaction from crowds in its three seasons.

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Thus, on the off chance that Netflix goes on with the show for season 4, we can expect the trailer before the current year’s over or mid-2023, as the restoration and creation process takes time. We will keep you refreshed in regards to this. Till then take a look at the Season 3 of the series.


How Many Haunted Episodes Are on Netflix?


Is Haunted Worth Watching?

It has its minutes, yet it’s truly going for energy more than bad dream fuel. However, there is one genuinely unimaginable motivation to watch Haunted over other unscripted TV dramas — the loved ones. They add a refining component to what could be a simple one more story of the extraordinary.


The first and second seasons of the show were delivered on Halloween, and the third season got deferred because of Covid-19 conventions as it was delivered last year in May. On the off chance that Netflix, at last, chose to deliver Haunted season 4, we could likewise anticipate a deferral.

Albeit the show has proactively delivered three seasons and a side project film, we can never foresee in the event that the creators will go on with season 4.

The authenticities of the tales are problematic. Awful evaluations from certain stages might impact Netflix to conclude that it isn’t worth the effort and it’s the ideal opportunity to stop the show and push ahead with another beneficial TV series. In any case, we trust that is not the worry, and we can in any case see Haunted season 4.